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Shadowkey:Olpac Trailslag

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Olpac Trailslag
Location Ghast's Pass
Race Orc Gender Male
Olpac Trailslag

Olpac Trailslag is an Orc merchant who has been waylaid by goblins in Ghast's Pass. His pack has been stolen and he needs somebody willing to venture into the nearby Twilight Temple to retrieve it.

The Witch Tree will tell you that Olpac is "more than he seems", and this seems to be borne out by the note that can be found in his pack when it is found, to say nothing of the protection his pack enjoys.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Witch Tree 1Edit

He's first found being attacked by zombies, he shouts over to you:

"Could I get a little help here?"

If spoken to while the zombies are still alive:

"Here's an idea. First kill the brutes trying to kill us. Then talk."

When spoken to afterwards:

"I was examining that Witch Tree back there, when some goblins beset me in camp.
They made off with my pack of goods. I tracked some of the blighters to this foul place.
But Twilight Temple is no place for an honest merchant, or even me.
You get my pack back and I will give you the best reward I've got to offer."
I will find it.

If spoken to before finding his pack:

"Don't let those flesh–rotters stop you. Get my pack."

If spoken to after speaking to Ivgrizt but you haven't got his pack back:

"I guess you weren't able to get my pack for me. I just saw a goblin run out of the temple, with what appeared to be my pack. Guess I better go."
"Ah, Fearfrost."
I'll get that pack.

After finding his pack:

"My pack! You've returned it! And here I was, ready to call it a lost cause.
Here are two doses of Ghostflame."

Trailslag's GoodsEdit

"Blast those goblins to the Allfire. Still I am grateful.
Anyway, if you could get that pack for me I'll make it worth your while. Here's 250 gold upfront. I'll wait here until you return and will reward you with the rest."
I'll get that pack.

When you return: (?)