Shadowkey: NPCs
Location Snowline
Race Argonian Gender Male

Sissithik is an old miser who was recently attacked by goblins who stole his will, although they didn't manage to find his treasure. He doesn't want to go to Dragonstar to get a replacement so he needs somebody willing to recapture his old one. His generosity, should the task be completed, is less than notable.

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When first spoken to:

"Blasted goblins broke in, but were too dumb to find the family valuables. They did get away with something important though.
They took my will. I cannot go to Dragonstar to get a new one. Could you get it back from the goblins?"
I will find your will.
No, sorry.

If spoken to before finding his will:

"Now I am not planning to push up daisies any time soon, but I really do need my will back.
You will have it.

After finding his will:

"No, no this cannot be it."

(Sissithik bites the parchment,):

"No… wait this is it.
Thank you for teaching those goblins a thing or two."