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Shadowkey allows only one item of jewelry to be equipped at any one time. The items classed as jewelry include rings, lock picks, and bandages.

Name Effect Acquisition
Azra's Bandage Restores 3 health each second Obtained from Earthtear Caverns, past the invisible Shadowgate and is located inside a crystal
Malkav's Ring +25 Magicka
+10 Willpower
+5 Intelligence
Ring of Deflection +5 Defense Inside a sarcophagus in Crypt of Hearts I
Ring of Fangs +1 Damage on your attacks Found near the center of Fearfrost Caverns
Ring of Stars +4 Resist Magic Inside an iron maiden in Lakvan's Stronghold
Ring of Thunderblows +4 Damage on your attacks Inside a skeleton chained to a wall in Lakvan's Stronghold
Ring of Warding +5 Resist Magic Found in Captain Nym's airship in Glacial Crawl
Silver Picks +3 lock pick/Disarm traps
+5 Lock pick/Disarm Traps if your class is Nightblade or Thief
Can be found in a chest in Fearfrost II
Spell Jewel Reduces the Mana cost of spells you cast by 6 points You can choose between this item or Magicka Edge Axe from Raider's Nest in a chest