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Critical AttributesEdit

There are three attributes that are important enough to be displayed at all time on the game screen.

The most important is health. If this is ever reduced to zero, the character dies. Also vital is fatigue, as characters with low fatigue do significantly less damage. For characters with the ability to cast spells, magicka is a measure of their remaining spell power.

Attribute Boosted By Damaged By
Health Bervez Juice (+15)
Healing Potion (+30)
Mercredi's Potion (+30)
Mountain Jerky (+20)
Red Mushroom (+50 to maximum health for 300s)
Skyrim Potion (restore fully)
Trothgar's Healing Potion (+25)
Vicar Herb (+15)
Warrior Bread (+10)
Fatigue Bervez Juice (+45)
Bread (+50)
Mountain Jerky (+100)
Muffin (+30)
Skyrim Potion (restore fully)
Stew (+30)
Toad Muffin (+20)
Warrior Bread (+40)
Ghost Flame (-30)
Glacier Flower (-20)
Glacier Moss (-20)
Tremble Weed (-25)
Trothgar's Healing Potion (-50)
Trothgar's Magicka Potion (-50)
Magicka Magicka Potion (+30)
Mana Ice (+50)
Mountain Jerky (+20)
Skyrim Potion (restore fully)
Toad Muffin (+10)
Trothgar's Magicka Potion (+25)
Vicar Herb (+15)
Mercredi's Potion (-10)

Primary AttributesEdit

Each character has eight attributes that are affected initially by race, class and gender, and that may be changed by potions and ingredients throughout the game.

Attribute Icon Description Boosted By Damaged By
Agililty   Determines your character's base defense against physical attacks and their skill at picking locks, disarming traps or moving stealthily. It will also increase your character's accuracy when attacking. Earth Moss (+5)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)
Bitter Tea (-2)
Raider Chew (-1)
Topaz Dust (-2)
Endurance   Affects the amount of health your character has and the speed at which they recover their health Bitter Tea (+5)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)
Azra Root (-2)
Earth Moss (-2)
Intelligence   Determines your character's supply of base magicka. Azra Root (+5)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)
Bitter Tea (-1)
Raider Chew (-2)
Luck   Is your character's fate and fortune. With it, your character can occasionally avoid traps, blows and many other ill fortunes Glacier Flower (+40 for 30s)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)
Topaz Dust (-1)
Personality   Affects the base merchant prices. A high personality attribute, for example, means your character is able to purchase items at low prices. A character with a low personality attribute, however, will be charged higher prices for the same items. Smile Potion (+20 for 120s)
Topaz Dust (+5)
Goblin Wax (-2)
Speed   Determines how fast your character moves and attacks. Goblin Wax (+5)
Gray Mushroom (+1)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)
Tremble Weed (+20 for 30s)
Strength   Affects the amount of damage your character can inflict and helps the character recover from fatigue. Strength also affects your character's amount of health. Bounder Skin (+10 for 120s)
Clawrunner Skin (+10 for 300s)
Raider Chew (+5)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)
Smack Water (+10 for 120s)
Warrior's Strength (+20 for 30s)
Azra Root (-1)
Earth Moss (-1)
Goblin Wax (-1)
Willpower   Affects the recovery speed of Magicka energy and the likelihood of your character hitting a target with a spell. Glacier Moss (+40 for 30s)
Shadowseed (+10 for 120s)

Effects without durations are permanent

Class AttributesEdit

These are attributes that are usually only possessed by individual Classes, but that may be conferred upon other members of other classes for a short duration by Consumables.

Attribute Usual Class Description Boosted By
Barbarian's Rage Barbarian Adds damage to every single attack when the character is wounded.
Lethal Strike Assassin Adds considerable extra damage to a successful blow. Spider Heart (+5 for 1600s)
Ahm Galath (+20 for 1600s)
Mystic Might Battlemage Increases the damage done through magic, and provides a substantial Magicka bonus. Rat's Eye (provides the ability for 1600s)
Night Magic Nightblade Increases the chances of casting a spell, and provides some additional Magicka.
Precise Magic Spellsword Allows possessors to target foes more easily. Fox Herb (+2 for 1200s)
Righteous Will Knight Gives a chance to shrug off damage after an enemy has landed a blow.
Rogue's Dodge Rogue Makes the possessor more difficult to hit.
Sorcery Sorcerer Makes the possessor more resistant to magical attacks, and allows them a substantial amount of additional Magicka.
Thief Lore Thief Boosts the Lockpicking skill, and helps in Avoiding or Disarming traps and acting stealthily. Lock Dust (+3 for 1400s)
Persa Flower (+20 for 20s)

Other AttributesEdit

These attributes are typically set by equipment, race and class, and through other attributes. They may, however, be boosted by certain consumables.

Attribute Description Boosted By
Armor Indicates how much physical damage is absorbed Black Mushroom (+3 for 300s)
Bounder Skin (+2 for 120s)
Clawrunner Skin (+2 for 300s)
Ra' Gada Warpaint (+5 for 120s)
Sunlight Water (+5 for 120s)
Umbric Fur (+2 for 120s)
Wickeder Skin (+2 for 120s)
Zombie Dust (+2 for 30s)
Attack Indicates the strength of physical assaults on enemies Deathsnow Dust (+10 for 30s)
Umbric Fur (+2 for 120s)
Damage A measure of the damage inflicted on an enemy's health Thunder Herb (+20 for 30s)
Defense Represents a measure of resistance to physical attacks Bounder Skin (+2 for 120s)
Clawrunner Skin (+2 for 300s)
Jade Dust (+10 for 30s)
Umbric Fur (+2 for 120s)
Wickeder Skin (+2 for 120s)
Magic Resistance Shows the amount of magical damage will be resisted Floater Sac (+5 for 120s)
Horrid Tongue (+5 for 180s)
Ice Grape (+10 for 30s)
Spell Web Thread (+15 for 300s)
Sunlight Water (+5 for 120s)