Shadowkey: Places
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Hammerfell, once known as Hegathe, the Deathland, and Volenfell, is a province in the west of Tamriel, bordering Skyrim, Cyrodiil, and High Rock. This province is dominated by the wasteland of the Alik'r desert. It is inhabited by the human race of Redguards, who fled to Tamriel after their home, Yokuda, was destroyed.

Hammerfell is predominately an urban and maritime province, with most of its population confined to the great port and trade cities. The interior is sparsely populated with small poor farms and beastherds. The Redguards' love of travel, adventure, and the high seas have dispersed them as sailors, mercenaries, and adventurers in ports of call throughout the Empire.

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Most of the game of Shadowkey is played out in Hammerfell: of the fifteen distinct Places, only three lie outside the province's borders. The game is set against the background of the War of the Bend'r-mahk, in which Hammerfell and High Rock fought against Skyrim. Shadowkey is particularly concerned with the battle for control of the city of Dragonstar.

Hammerfell QuestsEdit

During the game, the player can choose to help Skyrim by aiding Tanyin Aldwyr, or Hammerfell by aiding Porliss Caith. Porliss' quests are as follows: