Location Duneripper Downs
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Outlaw

Zeta is a Redguard outlaw who can be found at Duneripper Downs. She can be found on the west side of the racetrack.


She talks about the races and the people that attend them. If you speak to her before A Winner for Onwyn is complete:

"Here—try your luck with the lizards."

When you select a lizard to race:

"I'm not interested in handling lizards myself. All I care about is the final result of the race."
Do you always bet on the lizard races?
"Not always. They used to race dunerippers here, but that proved too dangerous. Onwyn bought the place when the last owner died.
Rena was none too pleased by that."
Are they feuding?
"Not openly, no. But Rena refuses to race her own lizards, which makes Onwyn angry, and that in turn makes her less likely to do so.
Fire and ice, they are. They aught to get married."
How long has Onwyn owned this track?
"Since Second Seed. The races were interesting when he first started, but the best lizard died, and without Rena's help, no one will sell Onwyn good stock.
Still, I've made a lot of money. I lose sometimes, but I win more than I lose."
So you enjoy the spectacle?
"It's better than wasting away inside some town's walls. I've a taste for adventure, and this is as close as I'll get to any."

After A Winner for Onwyn is complete:

"You stirred things up. That race was exhilarating!
I even saw Onwyn and Rena talking! Those jackals haven't spoken for ages."
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