Home City Sentinel
Location The Crown's Coster
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Yombira is a Redguard debt collector found in the city of Sentinel.

After Tavo invested in a prospecting expedition that failed to bear fruit, he was loaned money by Yombira. Unfortunately he was unable to raise money to pay Yombira back and so went looking for Yokudan relics in the Lost City of the Na-Totambu to pay off his debt. When he didn't return, Yombira moved onto trying to recover the debt through Tavo's wife, Nahrina.

You have the choice of either giving him the relics to pay off Tavo's debt, or coerce him into letting the debt slide.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you arrive in Sentinel with news for Nahrina, you'll find Yombira accosting the poor woman:

Yombira: "I grow tired of excuses, Nahrina. When will Tavo return?"

Speak to him and he'll spit:

"What do you want?"
Why are you harassing this woman?
"Harassing? I'm collecting on a debt! I gave this woman's husband enough coin to outfit his expedition in return for a number of valuable artifacts. Now he's run off with my money!"
Tavo is dead. I collected these relics on his behalf.
"Splendid! Then this won't be a total loss. Hand them over and I'll consider Tavo's debt paid in full."
Here. Take the relics and leave her alone.
[Intimidate] This woman has already lost enough, today. Go away. Now.
"Easy now, friend. No need for violence!
Yes, I see your point. Forgive me, Nahrina. Consider Tavo's debt forgiven. I'll leave you to your grief."
Good plan.

If you gave him the relics, he speaks as he walks away.

Yombira: "Pleasure doing business with you, friend. Sorry for your loss, Nahrina."

If you speak to him again after intimidating him, he will simply say:

"What do you want?"