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Wyress Linnae
Location Fallen Grotto
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Glenmoril Wyrd
Wyress Linnae

Wyress Linnae is a Breton wyress of the Glenmoril Wyrd. She can initially be found just outside of Fallen Grotto, near Bangkorai Pass Wayshrine alongside Wyress Nyronie and Wyress Tiria. She and her sisters are looking for help to reclaim their Grotto back from the Reachmen. Linnae is also the adoptive mother of Nyronie.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you approach her, she will say "We have to find a way inside."

Speaking to her:

"This can't be right. Reachmen in the grotto. Why has Hircine allowed this to happen?"
What's going on?
"The grotto belongs to the Glenmoril Wyrd as a temple to Hircine.
The Reachmen got past our watch, and turned our bear guardians against us and destroyed our protective wards. Their leader, Brinarch, seeks a briar heart from Hircine."
Anything I can do to help?
"Unless the bears' spirits power the wards, we can't enter our own temple. Without the wards, the bears are wild, and we can't reach the altar to ask Hircine why he abandoned us.
Can you kill the bears and free their spirits?"
Consider it done.
"You must be near an inactive ward upon the bear's death. The ward will empower you when you are close, so the bear's spirit will sense it and know where to go.
Otherwise, the spirit is more likely to simply ascend, to be reunited with the earth."

Wyress Linnae can then be asked further questions about the grotto and the wards.

Who are the Glenmoril Wyrd?
"We are a part of the world around us. The animals, the flora, the earth … all these respond to us, and we to them.
When they hurt, we hurt. When we're content, they're content. Everyone's part of the world we share, though not everyone cares."
Why is the grotto guarded by bears?
"A clan of bears has always safeguarded the grotto. They recognize us as equals and allow us to pass. When we found the Reachmen here, the bears had become hostile. They refuse to let us in.
Wyress Tiria discovered this the hard way."
How will killing them help?
"It frees them from enslavement, as their minds are clearly under Brinarch's control.
The bears know their true purpose. Once a spirit is free, it should travel to the wards and seek to empower it."
What do these wards do?
"They serve to protect us as we perform certain rituals to Hircine, and without them, we are vulnerable to attacks by the bears.
We haven't used them in quite some time, but an important ceremonial hour approaches and we need to perform our rites."
Do the wards do anything else?
"Yes. If ever a threat came to us, we would come here, empower them through sacrifice, and be protected.
Luckily, the Reachmen only see them as rocks."
So they aren't always empowered?
"No. If they were, it would have required a great many sacrifices to maintain."
What is a briarheart? (Appears when one of the above questions have been asked.)
"The briarheart is a powerful gift which makes an almost invincible foe. And we suspect Brinarch's target would be Evermore, which makes this an issue for your kind to address.
The Reachmen conquered the city before, and will want it back."

When the wards have be activated, Wyress Linnae can be found with her sisters at the grotto's altar, where she speaks of the next step to be taken to contact Hircine.

"The wards are back, and the bears are no longer hostile to us."
What now?
"Now we'll call upon Hircine and find out why he's forsaken us.
As you restored the wards, you are now a part of the grotto's life too. Therefore, I will ask you to perform a necessary role in our sacrifice."
"We need a still-beating heart. You've offered to assist us? I ask you to be the ultimate sacrifice to save the grotto. You are the key to reaching Hircine."
You want my heart? (Conversation ends.)

After the revelation that Wyress Linnae wants to use your heart for the final sacrifice, Wyress Nyronie will burst in and say she should be the one to be sacrificed. The following conversation between the sisters will occur:

Wyress Nyronie: "No! By rights, I should be the one to take the blade. I'm the one who failed."
Wyress Linnae: "Nyronie, no. This person has already offered to help us."
Wyress Nyronie: "The sacrifice should come from the Wyrd, and I'm the one responsible."
Wyress Tiria: "Linnae, she's right. The heart of a stranger compared to a self-sacrifice? Hircine is bound to hear and answer."
Wyress Linnae: "But we need three for the ritual. She can't do it."
Wyress Tiria: "The outsider can do it. Only two of us are required for the prayers."
Wyress Linnae: "I won't allow it."
Wyress Tiria: "You've no choice. Do you wan this to succeed or fail? Nyronie is ready and willing. You know we're right."

When the conversation has concluded, Linnae can be spoken with to ask what to do next as well as her personal connection with Nyronie.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Tiria is right. Nyronie's willing sacrifice is priceless compared to yours.
I raised her, you know? We found her, abandoned, a lost child that the wood kept safe until we discovered her."
Nyronie is like a daughter to you?
"Much more than that. We're tied through both a familial bond and the forest itself. We may seem callous to outsiders, but we're closely knit.
What we ask of you is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious and sensitive matter. Understood?"
Yes, I understand.
"I hope so. Take this ceremonial dagger. It's well-sharpened to ensure swift work.
Tiria and I will perform the ritual. Once prepared, you must act quickly to cut out the heart of Nyronie and place it on the altar."
Sounds grim, but I'll do it.

She can then be asked questions:

"Wyress Nyronie's sacrifice should be the extra edge we need to call upon Hircine."
Is this sacrifice necessary?
"Yes, Nyronie is...prepared. I can't say it will be easy, at least for me."
It seems extreme.
"This is the way of the Glenmoril Wyrd. Everything makes sacrifices. The plants and beasts, that we may eat. The wood, that we may have fire. The people we've come to love.
There's nothing wrong with sacrifice, so long as it's done properly."
There's no other way?
"Not after falling so far out of Hircine's favor. Believe me, if there were another way, a way to spare Nyronie's life, I'd do it.
Now, will you honor her decision and help us?"
I'll help you.
I'm ready to begin./I'm ready now.
Wait for my signal. When the time is right, cut out her heart and place it on the altar.
I understand.

During the ritual, Linnae will call out when Nyronie should be sacrificed.

Wyress Linnae: "We're ready. Now, cut out her heart."
<You approach Wyress Nyronie and cut out her heart.>
Wyress Linnae: "Put her heart in the bowl on the altar."
Statue of Hircine: "A worthy offering. What is it you seek?"
Wyress Linnae: "My Prince, we seek to know why—"
Statue of Hircine: "Silence, prey! I speak not to the weak, but to the one who took the heart."
"This one interests me. Come. Speak to me, hunter."

Speaking to her before you cut out Nyronie's heart:

"Cut out her heart. And work swiftly, so the blood of Hircine's faithful still flows."

After cutting Nyronie's heart, before you place it in the altar:

"Place her heart in the bowl on the altar."

Wyress Linnae is slightly miffed that Hircine refuses to listen to her.

"So Hircine chooses to speak to you rather than us, his faithful servants. I admit to a bitter feeling, but perhaps it is for the better this way.
Provided you do not betray us."

After completing Hircine's initial trial:

"What happened? Has Hircine asked something of you?"
Yes. I defeated Hircine's three aspects.
"You've proven yourself a true hunter. And Brinarch? What of him?"
As a final challenge, Hircine ordered me to fight him.
"Only one supreme hunter would be left, and with Brinarch defeated, we can take back the grotto.
Go, and luck be on your side. We'd assist, but it would be forbidden."
I'll be back once I've dealt with Brinarch.

Speaking to her again before fighting Brinarch:

"Good luck in your battle. We will be with you in thought and spirit."

Once you have killed Brinarch and returned with his briar heart, Linnae can be spoken with to ask what to do next.

"You victory will be remembered. We could feel the death of Brinarch through the earth beneath our feet. Even the insects will not mourn him."
Hircine will return the grotto to you.
"Thank you for making our sister's death worth it. We're in your debt.
We still have a lot of work to do, cleaning out the remaining Reachmen and regaining the full trust of the bears."
How long will that take?
"We can feel the connection returning, but there's no telling what damage has already been done and how long it will take to undo.
Now, please return the briar heart to Hircine."
I will.

Before you return the heart:

"This will be a day long remembered."

When the heart is returned and The Heart of the Beast is completed, Linnae has some final words for you.

"We have work to do, but with the threat of a briar heart removed, the rest will be easier."
You seem stoic over Nyrone's death.
"Would you rather I gnash my teeth and fall to the ground weeping?
Some grief is too deep to show itself. I see her body before me, and though I will miss her very much, my life will go on."
I suppose that's true enough.
"Nyronie is the daughter of my heart, and my sister in the Glenmoril Wyrd. Though she breathed her last, she will always be with us.
But your journey should go on. Be at peace in your own heart; you did the right thing to help us."