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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help the twins gain control of their powers by meeting Sombren's mentor.
Zone: Blackwood
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Keshu the Black Fin, Captain Rian Liore, Legionnaire Itan-Nei
Location(s): Deadlands: The Ashen Forest, Gideon, White Gold Tower Throne Room, Xynaa's Sanctuary
Previous Quest: A Mysterious Event
Next Quest: Pyre of Ambition
Reward: Xynaa's Storm
Helm of the Black Fin
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6617
The twins' powers are becoming unwieldy
The presence of the Ambitions in Gideon have painted a target on the city. I need to find a way to keep Sombren, Calia, and Destron safe while also drawing the danger away from Gideon.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Keshu the Black Fin in Gideon.
  2. Meet with the Ambitions in the Temple of Dibella.
  3. Tell Eveli Sharp-Arrow of your plans.
  4. Meet with Ambitions in the ruins northwest of Gideon.
  5. Talk to Sombren's mentor Xynaa.
  6. Collect Deadland Slivers and bring them to the Plateau of the Traveler.
  7. Enter the created portal to the Ashen Forest in the Deadlands.
  8. Lead Calia and Destron to the Obelisks of Origin and Empowerment and witness the visions.
  9. Enter the portal at the Obelisk of Inevitability and confront the Inevitable.
  10. Speak with Sombren, Calia and Destron.
  11. Enter Xynaa's Sanctuary and talk to Xynaa.
  12. After waking up, talk to Sombren.
  13. Retrieve the Daedric Skull from the treasure room.
  14. Meet up with Sombren and read Xynaa's Book of Contracts.
  15. Confront Xynaa and rescue the twins.
  16. Take the portal back to Gideon and talk to Sombren.
  17. Report to Keshu the Black Fin.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Quest StagesEdit

Weapons of Destruction
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Governor Keshu wants to speak to me at the governor's mansion in Gideon. I should head there as soon as possible.
Objective: Talk to Keshu the Black Fin
  Governor Keshu asked me to speak with the Ambitions and see if we can figure out a better place to hide them than in Gideon. I'll find them in the Temple of Dibella.
Objective: Meet with the Ambitions
I arrived at the temple to see Calia's powers rage out of control. Luckily, Sombren was able to contain them before too much damage occurred. I should talk to Sombren.
Objective: Talk to Sombren
Before I go to meet the Ambitions outside the city, I should return to the governor's mansion and let Eveli know what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Optional Step: Talk to Calia
Optional Step: Talk to Destron
Now that I informed Eveli as to our plans, I need to meet the Ambitions at a shrine in the marsh to the north and west of Gideon.
Objective: Meet the Ambitions at the Shrine
Sombren revealed that his mentor is a Dremora. He wants me to speak to Xynaa and find out if she thinks she can help the twins as she helped Sombren.
Objective: Talk to Xynaa
Xynaa said she can prevent Calia and Destron from destroying themselves. I should speak with Sombren. He can tell me more about the process and finding Xynaa's sanctuary.
Objective: Talk to Sombren
Before we can take the twins into the Deadlands to meet with Xynaa, they have to be attuned to the plane. We need to gather fragments of the Deadlands that have made their way to Tamriel.
Objective: Gather the Deadlands Slivers: 0/2
Optional Step: Talk to Calia
Optional Step: Talk to Destron
Hidden Objective: Recover the Crimson Sliver
Hidden Objective: Recover the Obsidian Sliver
Calia, Destron, and I gathered two slivers of fragments from the Deadlands. Now we need to meet Sombren on the road south of Gideon.
Objective: Meet Sombren on the Road
We met Sombren on the road south of Gideon. Now to talk to him and see what we need to do next.
Objective: Talk to Sombren
Sombren asked me to head up the path to the portal site and make sure it's clear while he finishes attuning the twins.
Objective: Reach the Portal Site
Sombren and the twins opened a portal to the Deadlands. I should follow them to the other side.
Objective: Enter the Portal
Xynaa instructed Calia and Destron to find obelisks that will reveal hidden truths. Since the Ambitions can't use their power without risking disaster, I must protect them as they walk this path.
Objective: Reach the Obelisk of Origin
We reached the first of the obelisks. I need to activate the obelisk in my role as witness to the truths that Calia and Destron are about to learn.
Objective: Activate the Obelisk of Origin
The first obelisk showed us a vision of the twins' past. Now to get them safely to the next obelisk.
Objective: Reach the Obelisk of Empowerment
Optional Step: Watch the Vision
We reached the second obelisk. I need to activate it in my role as witness to the truths that Calia and Destron are about to learn.
Objective: Activate the Obelisk of Empowerment
The second obelisk showed us a vision of the twins' past. Now to get them safely to the final obelisk.
Objective: Reach the Obelisk of Inevitability
Optional Step: Watch the Vision
We found the last obelisk and a portal opened when we arrived. It seems Calia, Destron, and I must enter that portal to see the final vision.
Objective: Enter the Portal
The last obelisk's portal took me to the Imperial Throne Room in the White-Gold Tower. Vandacia sits on the throne, and Mehrunes Dagon watches outside. How is this possible? I should speak with Vandacia.
Objective: Confront the Inevitable
I spoke with Emperor Vandacia in a vision of a terrible future. He claimed that he destroyed me many years ago. However, Sombren arrived and offered a way out. I should take it.
Objective: Escape the Inevitable
Now that we completed the three visions of the obelisks, I should talk to the Ambitions and make sure everyone is ready for what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Sombren
Objective: Talk to Calia
Objective: Talk to Destron
We need to enter Xynaa's sanctuary so that she can show the twins how to control their powers.
Objective: Enter Xynaa's Sanctuary
We entered Xynaa's sanctuary. Now I should talk to the Dremora.
Objective: Talk to Xynaa
Xynaa is ready to teach the twins to control their power. We should follow her.
Objective: Follow Xynaa
Xynaa betrayed us! She used some sort of magic to teleport me and Sombren into a dungeon. Sombren appears to be wounded. I should check on him.
Objective: Talk to Sombren
Xynaa drained Sombren's power. He suggested I retrieve the skull of a Daedric lord from Xynaa's treasure chamber. He believes he can use the energy within it to recharge his power.
Objective: Retrieve Daedric Skull
I recovered the skull of Xynaa's enemy. Now I should head to the door in the north and meet up with Sombren.
Objective: Find Sombren
I found Sombren in a meditative state, just like he told me. I should present the skull to him so it can recharge his power.
Objective: Recharge Sombren's Power
While Sombren finishes recovering, I should examine the book he found as he made his way through Xynaa's cellar.
Objective: Examine Xynaa's Book
Now that Sombren's power has been recharged, we need to return to Xynaa's sanctuary and find Calia and Destron.
Objective: Enter Xynaa's Sanctuary
Xynaa appears to be about to sacrifice the twins. While Sombren protects them, I need to deal with Xynaa.
Objective: Kill Xynaa
Calia and Destron opened a portal to Gideon. I should follow them.
Objective: Return to Gideon
Sombren made a mistake and led us to a Dremora loyal to Mehrunes Dagon. We escaped, but not before she tried to sacrifice the twins and kill us. I should talk to Sombren.
Objective: Talk to Sombren
Finishes quest  We learned more about the origin and purpose of the Ambitions, even if we didn't get the twins the training they needed to control their power. The danger is momentarily diverted due to whatever Xynaa did to them. I should report to Governor Keshu.
Objective: Talk to Keshu the Black Fin
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