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Online:Watcher Shavmar's Journal

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Book Information
Watcher Shavmar's Journal
ID 2675
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Collection Craglorn Secrets
Found in the following locations:
Watcher Shavmar's Journal
The journal of an ancient Nedic guardian

Virmaril must be contained! No matter what happens outside these catacombs, the Betrayer must be punished for his crimes. He must be imprisoned so that his evil cannot spread to the world beyond!

We tried to kill the foul creature. After he betrayed and murdered High King Durac and the council of Nedic kings, we sent a small force of warriors and mages into the catacombs to hunt Virmaril down and end his vile existence. I was a part of that force. It pains me to write these words, but they are true and undeniable. We failed.

It soon became apparent that we could not slay a being that is not truly alive. Instead, we quickly developed a new plan. We would weaken Virmaril and trap him deep within the catacombs. And then we would sacrifice ourselves—use our own soul magic to turn ourselves into immortal, eternal watchers. We would serve as Virmaril's guardians and imprisoners until the end of time.

* * *

The soul magic did its work. We have sealed Virnaril behind a soul-ward and placed him in a suspended state—not unlike a deep sleep. We are now the Eternal Watchers, pledged to guard the Betrayer and making sure his plan to unleash his army of undead never comes to pass.

Now we simply wait. And watch. Forever.

* * *

Garalan has been complaining about hearing strange voices in his head. We ignored him. After all, haven't we all gone a little bit insane during our never-ending obligation? I'm sure he'll be fine.

* * *

Now I'm hearing the voices. At times it sounds like a thousand voices talking at once, a jumble of noise and confusion. Then it becomes the whisper of a single voice, so low I can barely hear it. But every so often, the voice comes to me in crisp, clear tones and I recognize the speaker. Somehow, some way, the impossible has happened.

Virmaril is awake.