Online:Tree-Minder Deyapa

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Tree-Minder Deyapa
Location Forsaken Hamlet
House Tree-Minder Deyapa's Hut
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Tree-Minder Deyapa

Tree-Minder Deyapa was an Argonian and the Tree-Minder of the Forsaken Hamlet, before she and the rest of her village were slaughtered by Dominion troops. Upon collecting the items her corpse carries parts of, she sets you on a quest to end the village's Hist tree's suffering.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

After you've picked up all three items, Tree-Minder Deyapa's spirit will appear and accost you.

Tree-Minder Deyapa: "Who are you? What do you want?"

Speak with her.

"So, scavenger, have you enjoyed picking through the hamlet's bones? Have you found all the treasures you desire?"
I saw a tree-minder's body at the village's edge. I wanted to find out what happened.
"Now you want to tell stories! Very well, I will tell you one of my own.
The Dominion came. They coveted our Hist tree. When we would not allow them to tap it, they slaughtered everyone and drained the tree of its sap."
Why would they do that?
"They did not tell us their plans!
Now the Hist tree has been drained and my people have nowhere to go when they die. They linger, trapped in madness."
Is there anything I can do?
"You wish to atone for your looting? Good.
This existence is unnatural for us. Our spirits must return to the Hist. Take what you've pilfered to my hut. I'll meet you there."
I will.

Find her hut and speak to her inside.

"Have you seen our agony? We're not like this. It's torment to endure this way."
How did the Dominion cause this?
"They killed us! How else? They demanded the Hist tree's sap, as though it was ours to give.
This existence is an abomination. We must do something. More specifically, I need you to do something."
What do you need?
"I have a little power left. You have the staff piece. Together they become a tool.
Subdue spirits by force. Then use the staff to absorb their energy. We'll meet at the tree for the next step."

You can ask her a few questions after this.

"You can't fight all the spirits here. Subdue a few. The rest may follow."
How can the staff restore the spirits?
"You know nothing of my village. Argonians are bound to their Hist tree. My staff came from ours. Long ago, it was a gift from the Hist tree to us.
My people will feel and know the connection, but in madness they will resist."
You said Argonian ghosts are unnatural?
"Undead aren't part of the proper world.
We normally return to our Hist tree when we die, but if that's prevented or if our tree is suffering, we remain. Then we go mad. Is that considered natural?"

Speaking with her at the base of the Hist after subduing six spirits:

"Fewer of my fellow spirits haunt the hamlet. Did it work?"
I've subdued several spirits. Is that enough?
"My staff can only hold so much. It's only a small branch of the Hist tree.
If they are not too mad, these spirits may have enough energy to restore the Hist tree. Then we can return to its warm embrace. Give me the staff."
Here you are.

Tree-Minder Deyapa will attempt to return the hamlet's spirits to the tree:

Tree-Minder Deyapa: "Spirit of the Hist, receive—Xuth!"

For a moment, her spirit will erupt into flame:

Tree-Minder Deyapa: "My blood boils inside me. How can this be?"

Once she recovers, speak to her:

"Xuth! No! The heat, the stench, the flames …."
What happened?
"The Hist tree screams! It suffers, and spreads its torment to us! Can't you hear it?
Those screams ... they'll drive us mad!"
"They're boiling, distilling, and destroying what's left of our Hist tree's sap!
Quickly, take my staff again. The Dominion's camps are near. Find them, and use what power is left. Destroy their vats, and the staff can call the Hist sap back to us."

You can ask her a few questions about the Hist sap.

Why is the sap so important?
"It's more than sap, it is the Hist tree's soul.
When an Argonian is created, it is said the sap becomes the Argonian's blood … its essence … its spirit."
The spirits are what, exactly?
"… are made from the essence of this Hist tree. As long as the spirits remain outside the tree, its essence is fragmented.
When the Dominion boils this essence to create their foul brew, the torment to the tree and the spirits will be unbearable."

Speaking to her again:

"We must release the stolen sap and restore the Hist tree."

Speaking to her after burning the sap containers:

"The madness fades, but so do we. Did anything go wrong?"
No. I destroyed their containers of Hist sap.
"Good, it's quieter now as the madness fades. With the aid of my egg-kin, I can restore the Hist tree, but it must be done quickly.
We're fading. I don't know why, but our essence, our very being, drifts away on the breeze."
What can I do?
"I don't think the Dominion will give up so easily. My guess is that they'll come back. If they do, you'll have to protect the ritual.
See to your needs. Then let me know when I should begin."
What can the Dominion do?
"If they interfere, our essence will fade before the Hist tree is restored.
Don't expect help from my fellow spirits. I will draw on what little power they have left to strengthen my prayers. The rest of the burden is on you."
I'm ready to protect you. Start the ritual.
"Very well. Last time, the Dominion came from the north, driving toward the Hist tree. They are not the most cunning creatures, so I would expect the same this time.
You must protect the spirits!"
I'm ready. Begin the ritual. [advances quest]
Wait. I need a moment to prepare. [exits dialogue]

Exiting dialogue and speaking with her again without starting the ritual:

"Will you protect the spirits from the Dominion during the ritual?"
Wait. I need a moment to prepare.
"I'm ready to start. Just give the word."
I'm ready to protect the spirits.
I'm ready to protect the spirits.

After the ritual is complete:

"The ritual is complete. Are those mammal-lickers still attacking?"
I think that's the last of them.
"Our ritual was a success—a bitter one, to be sure. We died, but our Hist tree lives. As we return to the Hist, so will the tree heal.
Someday, there will be a new clutch hatched here. If you ever return, they will remember your courage."

After the quest:

"The spirits are returning to the Hist tree. Soon, I will follow. Our bodies may be gone, but we have been saved.
May friendly branches shade your path."