Help an investigator solve a missing persons case.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Objective: Riverhold Objective — Help Mizzik solve his investigation.
Quest Giver: Mizzik Thunderboots
Location(s): Riverhold, Ishu's House, The Sleeping Badger, Banished Regrets Inn, Tajirri's House, Smuggler's Hideout
Reward: Investigator's Burden
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6311
Ishu's daughter has gone missing
Mizzik Thunderboots has requested my help investigating an abduction in Riverhold.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ishu and find Mell the Musical.
  2. Look behind the stables for clues.
  3. Speak with Mizzik about Tajirri's Note and investigate the camp at The Sleeping Badger.
  4. Meet Mizzik at the local tavern and tall to Rideza.
  5. Investigate Tajirri's House and retrieve the Note to Tajirri.
  6. Search around the river for any clues.
  7. Speak with Ishu and find Mizzik at the Banished Regrets Inn.
  8. Follow the jelly trail and confront Rideza.
  9. Meet Mizzik at the Banished Regrets.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Getting InvolvedEdit

"Mizzik Thunderboots, at your service."

While passing through Riverhold, you can meet an enigmatic investigator named Mizzik Thunderboots.

"A crowded marketplace, a chance meeting. Unexpected, unannounced … and perhaps just the thing this one needs to solve a most curious investigation.
Mizzik Thunderboots, at your service."
Greetings. You mentioned an investigation?
"An abduction, to be precise. No ransom, no demands. No obvious suspects or motives. Just a heartbroken father and a missing young lady.
But that is why Mizzik was hired, yes? He steps in when all other justice fails."
So you've been hired to find someone?
"Correct. This one searches for Zinthia, daughter of Ishu.
However, Mizzik's inquiries have led to nothing but dead ends. And with a young lady's safety on the line, the sooner this investigation is solved the better."
I can help you with your investigation.
"A chance meeting turned fated partnership. Fortuitous for this one, yes?
You should speak to Ishu first, see if he has any new information for us. His house is just south of the marketplace. Can't miss it."

He has been hired by a Khajiit named Ishu to find his missing daughter, Zinthia. He asks if you'd be interested in helping him with his investigation, to which you agree. Your first step in aiding Mizzik is to get a feel for the situation. Speak with Ishu in his house to figure out what you're dealing with.

Asking around RiverholdEdit

Ishu is a kindly old man who lives with his many cats in his small house. Speak with him.

"Are you here about this one's Zinthia? Has she been found?"
I'm working with Mizzik to find your daughter. Any details you can share would help.
"Yes, of course.
Zinthia was taken in the dead of night. This one has received no ransom, yet he fears the worst. She is a very beautiful ja'khajiit, you see. Ishu believes that the captors may mean to sell her."
Does she have any identifying features?
"Zinthia has a long, glossy coat, soft as the richest of silks. Her eyes are bright yellow, like the honeyed moons. Ah, and she always wears a gold necklace."
And there's no one you suspect? Or perhaps someone who may have seen what happened?
"No suspects, no. But someone who may have spotted something? Hmm.
There is a Wood Elf who tends to stay up well into the night. Always singing and dancing, that one. If anyone saw something unusual the night Zinthia was taken, it might be her."
All right, I'll try talking to this singing Wood Elf.
"The Wood Elf's name is … Mell? Yes, that's it. Mell the Musical, she always calls herself. You can usually find her toward the north end of town, near the sand gardens.
Ishu will pray for your swift success."
Mell the Musical

Ishu says that the guards have been unhelpful, claiming Zinthia must have simply run away from home. But Ishu says that Zinthia is not one to make her father worry, so that is not something she would likely do. Upon asking for a description, he tells you she has sleek fur, yellow eyes, and always wears a gold necklace. Ask him if he knows anyone who might have noticed anything unusual, and he proposes that Mell the Musical may be of help. Mell is a Bosmer bard, and she's a bit kooky. She is known to stay up late at night, and he's gotten to know her. If anyone may have seen what happened the night of Zinthia's disappearance, it would be Mell.

Mell the Musical is located north of the House of Histories, up the northern path on the hill. You will find her in the ash garden, bathing in the fountain. Speak with Mell and see if she can give you any relevant information.

"Salutations! Mell the Musical, at your service. Are you here for a performance?"
I'm actually investigating the abduction of Ishu's daughter.
"Ishu? The Khajiit with all the cats?
That old coot is sweet as honeyed jagga, but a bit off if you ask me. Shame about his daughter though. No one should have to go through that."
Do you know anything that might help the investigation?
"If you're looking for trouble, Tajirri's your girl. I've seen her with all sorts of indecent folk lately. Always shifty eyes on those ones, I tell you.
She tends to spend a lot of time behind the stables lately, if you catch my drift."
I'll head to the stables next then.
"Very good then. And hey, if you're looking for some entertainment for your next soiree? Make sure to seek me out! You won't regret it."

Mell says that a woman named Tajirri has been hanging out with "all sorts of indecent folk", and that she spends a lot if time behind the stables. Tajirri is a gambler with her hands in plenty of honeypots. Mell says that people she's never seen before have been coming and going at odd hours. Perhaps this is related to the kidnapping.

A clue behind the stables

Now it's time to investigate the stables. If Tajirri hangs out there a lot, she may have left something behind that will clue you in as to what she's been doing. As a matter of fact, she has: a note. After you've read the note, Mizzik comes walking in from the northwest. Speak to him about your findings.

"The stables, hmm? Developed a sudden interest in horsemanship, walker?"
I found this hidden note. I suspect the gambler Tajirri wrote it.
"Looks to be a code. A napping badger, eh? Sounds familiar ….
Ah, yes! The Sleeping Badger is a rock formation, just south of Riverhold. But this bit about the sweet trip, that Mizzik doesn't understand."
Could be worth investigating this rock formation, at the very least.
"Mizzik will mark it on your map, walker. Feel free to lead the way.
And perhaps this is a good time to mention that this one is not so skilled in … violent situations. Should trouble find us. But that is where your expertise comes in handy, yes?"
Got it. Let's head to the Sleeping Badger rock formation.

Sleeping Badgers and WarningsEdit

Search the Sleeping Badger smuggler camp

Mizzik points out that the note mentions a "napping badger", then deduces that the author is referring to a rock formation south of Riverhold called the Sleeping Badger. Mizzik will become your follower so you may investigate the site together. Head south out of Riverhold and continue South past the fork in the road. When the road gradually inclines into a hill, go up the hill and Sleeping Badger will be on your right. There are Ruddy Fang bandits about.

On top of the rock formation, there's a camp. Here, you'll find a coffer and a crate. The coffer contains a Gold Necklace, which Mizzik proclaims must belong to Zinthia, and within the crate is a Bottle of Skooma. Mizzik determines that the vagrants who made camp at Sleeping Badger must be smugglers. Mizzik asks you to speak with him a ways away from the smuggler camp at Sleeping Badger.

"A missing daughter, a hidden note, and now a band of skooma smugglers. This investigation becomes messier with every step we take."
What would smugglers want with Ishu?
"This one is unsure, though it is possible Ishu may be hiding something.
Still, our priority should be to investigate the gambler who wrote that note. Tajirri was her name, yes? That does ring a bell or two."
Where should we search?
"If Tajirri's a gambler, it is likely we can find her at the local tavern. Mizzik will head there at once and see what he can dig up.
Meet this one at the Banished Regrets Inn."
All right, I'll meet you there.
"You and I need to speak. Now."

Mizzik suggests you investigate the one who wrote the note that lead you to Sleeping Badger: Tajirri. Since she's a gambler, he suggests that you will be able to find her at the local tavern. You will meet him at the Banished Regrets Inn for the next step in your investigation.

When you enter Banished Regrets, you will be approached by a Khajiit woman named Rideza. She beckons you forward, intent on speaking with you.

"I must admit, you and Thunderboots make quite the charming pair. And watching you both play at being investigator? Why, it's been sleek entertainment, truly.
But now... now you tread upon sands that are best left undisturbed."
Is that a threat?
"Take it as a friendly warning.
I hear that you seek Ishu's daughter, yes? I find that very funny. After all, everyone in Riverhold knows that she left town many years ago."
Years? Ishu said it was only a few days past.
"Then Ishu has become senile in his old age. I speak truthfully. He had one daughter, and she is gone. Has been gone for many years.
Tell this to your partner. And drop your investigation. Now."

She will then disappear with the use of a smoke bomb.

Rideza claims that Mizzik's daughter left town years ago. She suggests that Ishu has become senile in his old age upon telling her that Ishu claims she disappeared days ago. Rideza suggests you drop the investigation before disappearing.

Investigating TajirriEdit

Mizzik distracts Tajirri

Head upstairs and find Mizzik in his room. Turn into the left-hand side hallway, and his room is the first one on the left. Talk to Mizzik about your encounter.

"Bright Moons look over us today, walker.
Tajirri has just settled down for a round of gambling. While Mizzik distracts her, you can sneak into her home and search for another clue. It's just a bit north of the tavern."
Before we do that, a stranger spoke to me. She said Ishu's daughter left town years ago.
"Hmm. Forgive this one if he is … skeptical.
Even if this stranger spoke truly, why then would Ishu hire Mizzik? Why would Tajirri have written that note? Why would we find a gold necklace in the smuggler's camp?"
I'm not sure. She also wants us to stop investigating.
"Then perhaps this stranger simply wishes to confuse us. Throw us off the scent.
Besides, we cannot stop now. Not when an innocent young lady may still be at risk. Let us investigate Tajirri before she retires for the night."
All right, I'll head to Tajirri's home and search for clues.

Mizzik is skeptical of this new information. He suggests that the stranger is trying to throw the investigation off trail, and tells you to investigate Tajirri before she retires for the night. Mizzik will act as a distraction.

Tajirri: "Why hello, sweetmeat. Care to play a game with old Tajiiri?"
Mizzik Thunderboots: "Of course! Though this one will admit, he is not very skillful."
Search Tajirri's House

Head to Tajirri's House to investigate. When you exit the tavern, head straight north. Tajirri's House is directly north of the tavern. You will need to pick either of the house's locks. You have the front door, and the second-floor side door to choose from. Both are simple locks, so it shouldn't be too difficult, and if you have the Legerdemain perk, Locksmith, it will be a piece of cake to force the lock open. Be careful if you decide to enter from the first floor, though. Tajirri's mother, Pafirra, resides on the first floor. You will accrue a bounty if she sees you. The best way to enter the house is to pick the lock on the second floor.

The clue you're looking for is on the second floor, anyways. There's a hidden panel on the floor in front of the bookshelf past Tajirri's bed, which has her journal on it. Search it, and you'll find a note from someone who signs off as "R". It's a poem of some sort. Mizzik will want to see this.

Mizzik will come running out of the tavern just in time to catch you. Tell him about the note.

"This one hopes you have found something of interest, walker. Mizzik cannot afford to keep Tajirri distracted any longer. And he means that most literally."
I found another note. This one has a poem written on it.
"Blue serpents, four pointed paint …. If Mizzik had to guess, this poem describes drop off locations for illicit goods. Smugglers often hide them in plain sight.
First a sleeping badger, now a blue serpent. Must represent another landmark."
Perhaps the nearby river is the blue serpent?
"That's it! The river is often busy with trade. A perfect place to smuggle goods.
Let us search along the river and see if we find any barrels or crates with markings. Hopefully, we'll find something that will lead us to Zinthia."
All right, let's start searching along the river.

Smugglers and UltimatiumsEdit

Search for Smuggler Caches

Mizzik says that the poem describes a drop off location for illicit goods. The Blue serpent and four pointed paint described in the poem must represent another landmark, like the Sleeping Badger you investigated earlier. Maybe the nearby river is the blue serpent in the poem. Investigate the river and see if there are any barrels or crates with markings. The river is located just outside of town, near the Wayshrine. Once again, Mizzik becomes your follower and you will need to fight through the Ruddy Fangs who appear to be guarding these drop off points.

The eastern section of the river is the only part worth investigating. Here, you will find a crate containing a Silken Scarf and a barrel containing Rotten Moon-Sugar. Rotten moon-sugar is bad on Khajiiti stomachs, but its most vile side effects come from when it is distilled into tainted skooma. Mizzik will suggest that you question Ishu again about your findings

Return to Riverhold and speak with Ishu. See if he knows anything about the smugglers, and what they would want with his missing daughter.

Ishu confirms that the necklace and scarf both belong to Zinthia. However, Ishu doesn't think that the smugglers would have any reason to specifically target him. He is becoming increasingly worried about his daughter. Find Mizzik back in the Banished Regrets Inn.

Rideza has an ultimatum for you

You arrive upstairs to find Rideza pointing a sword at Mizzik.

Rideza: "I warned you Thunderboots."
<She notices you.>
Rideza: "And so the other thorn in my paw arrives."

Speak with her.

"I told you, did I not? First time was a warning. Now, it is a threat.
You both leave town. No more investigations, no more sticking your snouts where they don't belong. Collect your things and leave."
Not before we find Ishu's daughter.
"That again? I told you, Ishu's daughter left Riverhold years ago! He's just a delusional old Khajiit caught up in a fantasy.
And for this, you try to ruin my little operation? Of all the things."
So you're the leader of the smugglers?
"Who I am does not matter. What I can do to you, on the other hand, should be of immediate concern.
You either leave Riverhold on your own, or you leave in pieces. Your choice."

Rideza orders you to leave town, and says something about you ruining her operation. When asked if she's the leader of the smuggling ring, she says it doesn't matter. She disappears, leaving you to gather your wits with Mizzik.

Tracking down a RogueEdit

The investigator knows her as Rideza the Rogue.

Track the Rogue to her lair
"So, it appears that your stranger friend is Rideza the Rogue. Good to know."
Rideza the Rogue?
"Let us just say that her reputation precedes her.
Well, threats to our life aside, it seems that we finally have our perpetrator. Now we just need to follow her."
And how do you plan on doing that?
"We are investigators, are we not? You must search for a trail. With any luck, she'll lead you straight to Ishu's daughter.
Meanwhile, Mizzik will alert the proper authorities."
All right, I'll see if I can find out where she disappeared to.

Mizzik proposes that you follow Rideza while he alerts the proper authorities. Meanwhile, there is a commotion downstairs. Khilenaba appears to have dropped her fresh sugar claws, and she didn't see who ran into her. It must-have been Rideza! Luckily for you, the culprit also stepped in the dropped jelly-filled pastries, giving you a purple trail to follow. The trail leads up the stairs past the inn, behind Banished Regrets and behind an abandoned house. The jelly leads straight to a cellar door.

When you enter the cellar, you will find a hole in one of the walls which leads to cavern full of crates and Ruddy Fangs. This must be the Smuggler's Hideout the bandits are operating from. Now, it is time to continue hunting Rideza, as you reach her through the maze of crates, she will send her three bodyguards, Mad Minurrun, Dhanril the Dangerous, and Chirrdazi the Chopper, to kill you.

Rideza: "I warned you! Now the claws come out!"
Rideza: "Kill this muskarse!"

Kill all three of them, climb up the scaffolding, and confront Rideza in the back of the cave.

Rideza is cornered and the truth is revealed

Your confrontation is interrupted by the appearance of Guard Captain Kahiri, who arrives with Mizzik and Ishu.

Rideza: "Curse your meddling!"
Guard Captain Kahiri: "Rideza the Rogue, caught at last."
Ishu: "Did you find my daughter? Where is she?"
Rideza: "Here! Your daughter is right here, you old fool!"
Ishu: "Rideza? You're the one who stole Zinthia? Oh, this one's poor ja'khajiit."
Guard Captain Kahiri: "Ha! Feeling a little jealous? To go so far as to steal your father's pet."

The truth is revealed: Rideza is Ishu's biological daughter, and she kidnapped Zinthia... who is a cat! Rideza is apprehended, and Ishu is reunited with his beloved daughter. Well, both of his daughters. Speak with Mizzik about the results of the investigation.

Case ClosedEdit

Closing the Case
"Well, it seems that our investigation has come to a successful close. Though not quite in a way that Mizzik was expecting."
So Rideza was Ishu's daughter, and she … stole his cat?
"In hindsight, it makes sense. When you were told that Ishu's daughter left town years ago? Rideza must have been speaking of herself.
Still, to have been chasing Ishu's pet this whole time …."
We also stopped a smuggling operation.
"This is true! Because of our dedication, Riverhold no longer has to deal with these vile smugglers. And let us hope it stays that way, yes?
Mizzik just needs to collect our reward. Why don't we meet at the Banished Regrets?"
All right, I'll meet you at the inn.

Meet Mizzik in his room at the Banished Regrets Inn for your cut of the reward. He managed to get a bonus from the Guard Captain.

"A family reunited, a smuggling ring destroyed, and the gratitude of all of Riverhold. Not a bad start to a partnership, yes?
Mizzik was even able to secure a hefty bonus, thanks to the generosity of Captain Kahiri."
A bonus you're willing to share?
"Of course, of course! Your share, as promised. After all, Mizzik would never have been able to solve this investigation without your aid.
Pleasure working with you, walker. Do not be a stranger, yes?"

He will hand you some gold, as well as a set of armor.


  • The other sections of the river that you have the chance to investigate contain Summerset Wine and Mammoth Cheese. Interesting items and evidence of smuggling, but nothing of use to the investigation (regarding the whereabouts of Zinthia).

Quest StagesEdit

The Riverhold Abduction
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Mizzik wants to check if Ishu remembers any other details about our investigation. I should head to Ishu's home.
Objective: Talk to Ishu
Ishu suggested I speak to Mell the Musical, a singing Wood Elf who tends to stay up late and may have seen something the night of the abduction. I can find her in the northern part of town, near the sand gardens.
Objective: Search for Mell the Musical
I found Mell the Musical in the sand gardens. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Mell the Musical
Though Mell didn't see anything the night of the abduction, she has noticed that the gambler Tajirri has been rather suspicious lately. She suggested I search behind the local stables.
Objective: Search Behind the Stables
I searched the stables and found what appears to be a clue. I should speak to Mizzik and see if he knows more.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik
Mizzik deduced that the note I found refers to a rock formation called the Sleeping Badger. I should head south toward the formation with Mizzik.
Objective: Travel to the Sleeping Badger
It appears that a camp has been set up near the Sleeping Badger. We should proceed cautiously.
Objective: Investigate Camp
I found skooma and a small golden necklace. I should speak to Mizzik about these new clues.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik
Mizzik believes that smugglers have abducted Zinthia and that Tajirri may know more. It's likely we'll find Tajirri in the Banished Regrets. I should head there.
Objective: Meet Mizzik at the Banished Regrets
A Khajiit has called out to me. I should speak to her and see what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Rideza
Rideza warned me to stop my investigation, stating that Ishu's daughter left town years ago. I should let Mizzik know what I was just told.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik
Mizzik believes that the gambler Tajirri may have more information about Zinthia's abduction. I should search her lodgings while Mizzik distracts her.
Objective: Search Tajirri's House
I found a mysterious note in Tajirri's home. I should show it to Mizzik.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik
Mizzik deduced that the note likely describes smuggler caches. I should search for marked barrels or crates to find more clues about the investigation.
Objective: Look for Smuggler Caches
We found a scarf and moldy moon-sugar in another smuggler's camp. Mizzik wants me to speak to Ishu about these new developments. I should head to his house.
Objective: Talk to Ishu
Ishu seems baffled as to why smugglers are targeting him and Zinthia. With no new leads, I should head back to Mizzik to further discuss the investigation.
Objective: Meet Mizzik in the Banished Regrets
I found Rideza, the Khajiit I met earlier, threatening Mizzik. I should speak to her and see what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Rideza
Rideza threatened me before quickly vanishing. I should speak to Mizzik about what just happened.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik
I need to follow Rideza's trail. Hopefully, she'll lead me straight to Zinthia.
Objective: Track Rideza Down
Rideza's jelly footprints led me to a trapdoor. I should enter it.
Objective: Enter the Smuggler's Lair
I entered the smuggler's lair, a large cavern underneath Riverhold. I should continue to search for Rideza.
Objective: Search Smuggler's Lair for Rideza
Rideza's smugglers have proven themselves a vicious crew. I should be prepared to defend myself.
Objective: Kill Rideza's Bodyguards
I need to find Rideza and confront her about Zinthia's abduction.
Objective: Confront Rideza
It turns out that Rideza was actually Ishu's blood daughter, and stole her father's prize pet Zinthia out of spite. I should speak to Mizzik.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik
Mizzik needs a moment to collect our reward. I should meet him back at the Banished Regrets Inn.
Objective: Meet Mizzik in the Banished Regrets
☑Finishes quest I helped Mizzik rescue Zinthia and take down a smuggling operation. I should speak to him about my reward.
Objective: Talk to Mizzik