Online: The Prisoner of Jathsogur

Online: Quests: Aldmeri Dominion / Malabal Tor
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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Free the Silvenar from the Drublog ritual.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Jathsogur — Free the Silvenar from captivity.
Quest Giver: The Silvenar
Location(s): Jathsogur
Previous Quest: The Hound's Plan
Next Quest: A Wedding to Attend
Reward: Sapmagic Ring
High Leveled Gold
The Drublog clan of Wood Orcs captured the Silvenar. I need to infiltrate Jathsogur and do whatever's necessary to free him.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Free Raen and Sariel.
  2. Find the Ritual of Unbinding.
  3. Talk to Ambassador Sariel.
  4. Find the Runestone of Malacath.
  5. Talk to Ambassador Raen.
  6. Enter the Southern Longhouse.
  7. Talk to Raen and Sariel.
  8. Disrupt the ritual.
  9. Investigate the fortress.
  10. Free the Silvenar.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Talk to the Silvenar east of the Abamath Wayshrine. Wood Orcs, the Drublog, from Jathsogur captured him and his traveling companions. He asks you to rescue his advisors first since they can tell you more about the attack and help you free him. Some kind of powerful magic ensnares him. When you agree to help him he tells you their names: Raen and Sariel.

They are to the north in the northern longhouse. Talk to both of them. Sariel says the Drublog bound the Silvenar with a ritual book and giant crystals.

The Ritual of Unbinding is northeast of the longhouse, guarded by Orulu, an ogrim. Talk to Sariel about the book. She thinks you could reverse the ritual and give the Silvenar back his energy. You need to find the runestone, the conduit for the ritual. She thinks the runestone is at the other Daedric shrine.

The Runestone of Malacath is south of the Daedric altar where you found the ritual book. Another ogrim, Neechar, guards the runestone. Talk to Raen about it. He suggests you examine them in the southern longhouse, where you will be safe.

"I understand what needs to be done. Read the book. One of us must die to save the Silvenar."'
One of us must die? Why?
"Daedric rituals often come at such a cost. Obviously, I should be sacrificed. I'm the weakest of us."—Sariel
"It's a hard choice, but a simple one. It's my duty to die protecting the Silvenar. I failed once, so badly I can't fight anymore. The Silvenar needs advisors like Sariel."—Raen

Use the runestone on the ambassador you want to sacrifice, then talk to the other. You need to disrupt the binding stones in the towers surrounding the main building. Use the runestone, now a rune key, on the stones to sever their connection to the ritual. The survivor offers their totem spirit to help you. Sariel's spirit animal is a lion that heals you. Raen's is a bear.

You need to disrupt four stones. They are Essence, Magicka, Spirit and Memory.

After destroying the stones, enter the Silvenar's prison inside the fortress on the hill. Enter the Chieftain's Quarters and defeat Drauginas, the Silvenar's captor.

Follow the projection of the Silvenar down the ramp to the Silvenar. Talk to him. The binding stones severed his link to the Bosmer. He needs you to defend him while he regains his energy. Let him know when you are ready, and he surrounds himself in a blue bubble of magic while you defeat more Wood Orcs. Defeat four waves of enemies, then talk to the Silvenar.

The Silvenar opens a portal. Follow him through the portal. He will hurry to Silvenar as soon as his magicka returns.

Quest StagesEdit

The Prisoner of Jathsogur
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
According to the Silvenar's Psijic projection, two of his retinue were captured as well and may be able to help me, but I need to find and free them first.
Objective: Free Ambassador Raen
Objective: Free Ambassador Sariel
According to Ambassador Sariel, the Drublog used a Ritual of Unbinding to drain the Silvenar's energy. I need to locate that book and use it to try to stop the ritual.
Objective: Find the Ritual of Unbinding
The Silvenar said the people I rescued would be clever. Ambassador Sariel knows something about the ritual book I've just found. Now that I have it in my hands, perhaps she can tell me more.
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Sariel
We have the ritual book, but according to Ambassador Sariel we need a runestone, too. She believes it's a small, Daedric shrine inside the encampment.
Objective: Find the Runestone of Malacath
Ambassador Sariel has told me about the Ritual of Unbinding and the runestone. Perhaps Ambassador Raen has some idea what we should do now that we have both of them.
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Raen
We need to get under cover. The southern lodge is near the center of Jathsogur; we can hide in there.
Objective: Enter the Southern Longhouse
Now that we're under cover, I can read the ritual book if I want, but I must talk to the ambassadors. The book and the runestone hold the key to saving the Silvenar, but I need to know what to do with them.
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Sariel
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Raen
I must use the Runestone of Malacath to sacrifice one of these two brave ambassadors. But which one?
Complete one: Sacrifice Ambassador Sariel or Sacrifice Ambassador Raen
I chose to sacrifice Ambassador Raen. I hope Ambassador Sariel will still help me.
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Sariel
The Runestone of Malacath transformed into the Rune Key of Malacath when imbued with the sacrifice's energy. I hope it's enough to disrupt the binding stones.
Objective: Disrupt Magicka Stone
Objective: Disrupt Essence Stone
Objective: Disrupt Spirit Stone
Objective: Disrupt Memory Stone
The Silvenar's projected voice told me to head up the hill to the large fortress and defeat whomever I find there.
Objective: Enter the Silvenar's Prison
The Silvenar's Psijic projection appeared again. It ran downstairs, beckoning me to follow.
Objective: Talk to the Silvenar
The bonds drained much of the Silvenar's strength. He needs time to recover, and I'll have to fend off our attackers, including their leader, Chief Nagoth.
Objective: Defend the Silvenar
Our enemies have been defeated and Chief Nagoth is dead, but can the Silvenar escape? I must talk to him and find out.
Objective: Talk to the Silvenar
☑Finishes quest I can use the Silvenar's portal to teleport out, or I can fight my way through my enemies. Either way, I need to meet him outside of Jathsogur.
Objective: Talk to the Silvenar
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