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The Grave
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Grave Archer, Grave Butcher, Pirate
Stros M'Kai
North of Port Hunding, southeast of Headman Bhosek's Palace
The Grave

The Grave is the prison for Port Hunding, just north of town. The entrance is in a small cave under a cliff, accessed by swimming to it. A Skyshard can be found just east of the cave. The Grave is filled with hostile enemies and traps.

An Altmer Body is located below the bridge due west of the entrance to the Grave. A chest can spawn under this bridge. An Orc Body is laying face-down in the river below the bridge leading to Headman Bhosek's Palace in Port Hunding.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Grave Objective: Free Jakarn from the prison beneath Headman Bhosek's palace. / You freed Jakarn and recovered the stolen gemstone.



A map of the Grave
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