Elder Scrolls Online: People
HomeĀ Settlement Deepwoods
Location Between Deepwoods and the Dra'bul Wayshrine
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Thamenarth is a Bosmer lookout who can be found near the Deepwoods. She is a quest giver for the related quest.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

She stops you by the village.

"That's close enough, stranger. Why do you approach Deepwoods?"
I'm just a traveler exploring the area.
"True enough, you don't look like a Houndsman.
We used to have a regular influx of pilgrims to Deepwoods to pray at the shrine of the Green Lady. That is, until recently."
What happened?
"They say werewolves took the Green Lady's sister, Lanwaen, in the night. Now, the townsfolk are too scared to wander far from the village.
Treethane Nilara could use more help with this, if you're interested."
I'll talk to Treethane Nilara. Where is she?
"Treethane Nilara may be praying at the Green Lady's shrine in the middle of the village.
She tried to convince people to search for Lanwaen, but we're not strong enough to face a pack of werewolves or Houndsmen."
Who is the Green Lady?
"The Green Lady personifies our feral nature, who consorts with the Silvenar to balance the Bosmer's emotional and physical sides.
Deepwoods is famous for several chosen from its citizens to receive the title, including the most recent one, Gwaering."
Who is the Silvenar?
"Much like the Green Lady, the Silvenar's chosen. He or she always represents Bosmer spirituality. The current Silvenar's Bosmer name is Indaenir.
I don't understand how the choices are made. It's a blessing bestowed upon them."
Who are the Houndsmen?
"They're bondsmen of the Hound, mortal agent of the Daedric Prince Hircine.
Normally, they keep to themselves, but they've recently flocked to Hircine's shrine not far from here."

Speaking to her again:

"I can see the main road turning down the way, and it's not as busy as it once was. I'm sure thhe Houndsmen are to blame."
Where's Treethane Nilara?