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Never be without a snowball to throw at … uh, wait. It appears and goes plop onto the ground? Ah, I see! Ahem. Never be without a friendly snowball buddy as you adventure in Tamriel! Guaranteed to show up in even the hottest climates as if by magic.
Snowball Buddy
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Snowball Buddy
Type Exotic
Default Name Snowy
Acquired From Runebox: Snowball Buddy
Availability New Life Festival 2020

Snowball Buddy is an enchanted snowball which "follows" you by repeatedly teleporting next to you and plopping onto the ground. It is available from a Runebox: Snowball Buddy, a potential reward from New Life Festival Boxes awarded for completing New Life Festival event quests. This pet cannot path when placed as a furnishing. Its default name is "Snowy".