Elder Scrolls Online: People
HomeĀ Settlement Narsis
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Slips-Through-Fingers is an Argonian found in Narsis. Her egg-sister has gone missing.

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Fighting BackEdit

Slips-Through-Fingers: "Why do I always drop things when I'm in a hurry?"
"Keep your voice down and act like you're trying to help me.
I cant go into details. Not here. But I know you've been trying to find the missing people for House Hlaalu"
You know who I am?
"Don't ask questions. Just listen. We know where our people are being held, including Councilor Ralden.
Follow the clues in the pack. I'll see you at the meeting place."
But we need to talk.
Slips-Through-Fingers: "Not here. Just look in the pack."

Inside Tedas House:

"You found us. I apologize for my earlier abruptness.
We heard you confirmed that our people were taken."
What's going on here?
"We're tired of waiting for House Hlaalu to act. We know where our people are being held. But because of the lockdown, we can't go get them."
You know where the missing villagers are?
"I watched the Maulborn abduct my egg-sister. I saw where they took her.
I saw Councilor Ralden and Advisor Giron Sadri go to the same place. You have to help us!"
What do you want me to do?
"I doubt the guards will try to restrain you. You can come and go as you please.
Speak to Madras. Let him tell you our plan. You must help us. I need my egg-sister back."

Speaking to her after talking to Madras: If you decided to help them:

"I knew you'd help us. I just knew it!
I'm going to see my egg-sister very soon."

If you decided not to help them:

"I thought you were different. Please, just go.
We'll find my egg-sister and the others on our own."

Hidden in Plain SightEdit

During this quest, Slips will be the one who gives you the key to the ruins after you exit the kinhouse.

"There you are, outsider. I came as quickly as I could.
Madras and the others left for the ruins. They want to save our people but they're going to get themselves killed."
What ruins? Where?
"A door leads to the ruins, west of Narsis. That's where they've been hiding our people.
It doesn't matter, though. Madras and the townsfolk aren't trained to fight."
I'll find them. How do I get inside?
"Madras gave me this key to give to you. Now please hurry. It was scary watching my friends figure out which end of a sword to hold."

Speaking to her again:

"The entrance to the ruins is beyond the northern gates. Look for a strange door set in the mountain wall.
Madras and the others went on ahead, but you should be able to catch them. I'm sure they'd welcome your help."