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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Skull of Ollion
Location Driladan Pass
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Skull of Ollion

Skull of Ollion is a Bosmer spirit found in Driladan Pass. You will need to find him and commune with him in order to stop Prince Naemon from corrupting the forest.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Place the skulls on the stone table and you'll hear the following conversation:

Indaenir : "The Stone Table is where the Bosmer who violated the Pact received their judgment. Let's see if they remember it."
Indaenir : "You who were condemned. Hear me. Your only hope of being released is to tell us why the dead have been risen."
Skull of Thraul : "Ha! We need no release. The Shade of Naemon heralds a new age—an age where we will be restored, and you are the ones who will be judged."
Skull of Ethril : "Hold on. How do you know that? Did the Shade actually tell you that?"
Skull of Thraul : "He doesn't have to. When the forest is transformed, who do you think will inhabit the Shadow Wood? We will!"
Indaenir : "Naemon does not have the power to release any of you, but I do. Help us, and you'll have your chance at freedom."
Skull of Ollion : "I'll tell you. Don't listen to that fool. The Shade seeks to corrupt the forest—to create a new realm—it's called the Shadow Wood."
"It's odd to watch the slaughter of your people through the empty sockets of your own skull."
Why was your soul condemned?
"My family was slaughtered by the Wood Orcs, and I burned down their village, every last structure, every last tree, for revenge.
I shouldn't have harmed the forest. I should have rallied my people in a mourning war and feasted on my enemies."
You understand what you did wrong. You may pass on freely.
<The skull vanishes>
You deserved your punishment. You must remain.
<The skull vanishes>