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This page contains pre-release screenshots of the game. For pre-release renders of Crown Store merchandise, see Crown Store Renders. Renders used as art for console achievements can be found at Concept Art/Achievements.

2011 ScreenshotsEdit

These screenshots show early builds of ESO, dated from before the game was publicly announced.

May 2012 ScreenshotsEdit

June 2012 ScreenshotsEdit

August 2012 ScreenshotsEdit

October 2012 ScreenshotsEdit

March 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

April 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

May 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

July 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

August 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

September/October 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

November 2013 ScreenshotsEdit

January 2014 ScreenshotsEdit

February 2014Edit

July 2014Edit

August 2014Edit

December 2014Edit


Imperial CityEdit

Thieves GuildEdit