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Recover an amulet from the Coiled Path.
Zone: Deshaan
Quest Giver: Risa's Journal
Location(s): Vale of the Ghost Snake, Tal'Deic Fortress
Reward: Ring of Remembrance
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low XP
ID: 3728
An unfortunate loss
I found a battered journal while walking the Coiled Path. A young woman named Risa did not survive this place. She lost her amulet fighting one of the snakes.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While traversing the bog, you may find a journal along the river. It belongs to someone named Risa Uvaril, and it details the events leading to her demise at the fangs of one of the giant snakes that live in the Vale. She asks that whoever finds the journal brings her amulet to her mother at Tal'Deic Fortress.

You need to kill snakes in the Vale until you find the amulet. When you have it, head on over to Tal'Deic Fortress. Aneyda is located in the southeastern camp within the fortress. Give her the amulet to finish the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Remembering Risa
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
If I find Risa's amulet while fighting the snakes, I could return it to her mother at Tal'Deic Fortress.
Objective: Search Giant Snakes for an Amulet
I found Risa's amulet. I should return it to her mother at Tal'Deic Fortress.
Objective: Give Amulet to Aneyda Uvaril
☑Finishes quest I found Risa's amulet and returned it to her mother.
Objective: Talk to Aneyda Uvaril
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