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Rescue a captive Nord from the Stormfists.
Zone: Eastmarch
Quest Giver: Hojard
Location(s): The Bastard's Tomb, Jorunn's Stand
Reward: (?) Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Hojard's in a bit of a pinch
I encountered a Nord in the Bastard's Tomb. He had been captured by the Stormfist Brigade on his way to his sister's wedding. He promised me a reward if I rescued him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Hojard in The Bastard's Tomb.
  2. Find Hojard in Jorunn's Stand.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

While exploring The Bastard's Tomb, you'll find a Nord tied up in the corner of a room filled with Stormfists.

"The Stormfist thugs captured me. I'm done for!"
Why are you tied up?
"I was minding my own business when I spotted this old crypt. I needed some gold to buy my sister a wedding present, so I figured why not see what was lying around."
"Who knew he place was crawling with these Stormfist bastards? Obviously, not me!"
How do I know you're not one of these Stormfists?
"What? I'm no traitor! My sister serves as a soldier in the Skald-King's army, for Kyne's sake!"
"Look, I really want to be there for her wedding. If you let me free, I'll reward you for your trouble. Just find me in Jorunn's Stand when you can."
Hojard's new look
I'll get you out of there.

At this point, the quest will officially start. Hojard will stand up and run towards the exit, leaving you to explore further or follow him out on your own.

Jorunn's Stand is close by, just to the northwest. Hojard is waiting for you in the camp, right by the eastern gate. He's got a new look, which will be explained shortly:

"My sister is going to be so happy that you saved me."
I see you made it out alive.
"I did, thanks to you. Not only did I make it in time to see my sister get married, but I also decided to follow her example and become a soldier for the Skald-King."
"We're going to drive the traitorous Stormfist out of our land!"

You will receive a small amount of gold and the quest will complete. Hojard will have the following to say if you speak to him again:

"Thank goodness you came by when you did. It would have been terrible to die before I got to see my sister's wedding."

Quest Stages[edit]

Relative Matters
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
☑Finishes quest I should head to Jorunn's Stand and get my reward from Hojard.
Objective: Talk to Hojard
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