The water swirling through the ancient structure and the darkness of the ruined depths hide a multitude of secrets within this forgotten Nedic temple.
Reinhold's Retreat
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Discoverable No
Scaled Court Archers, Scaled Court Illusionists, Scaled Court Nightblades, Scaled Court Sentinels
Madleena Blackvein, Lamia Curare, Spectral Lamia
Scaled Court Arcanists, Scaled Court Quickblades, Serpent's Corruption
Belkarth RegionCraglorn
South of Belkarth
Entrance to Reinhold's Retreat

Reinhold's Retreat is a hidden Nedic ruin located beneath Belkarth. The ruin can only be accessed by activating the sconces in the lake south of Belkarth, and only during the related quest.

Interior of Reinhold's Retreat

Related QuestsEdit

Reinhold's RetreatEdit

Reinhold's RetreatEdit

Hall of the OathkeepersEdit

Madleena Blackvein is found here with two Lamia Curares. The first room consists of a small pool with various pillars surrounding it. The staircase west of it leads towards a cave with Scaled Court Archers and Illusionists, with the door past it going to the Sanctuary.

Star-Gazer SanctuaryEdit



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