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Queen Nurnhilde
(lore page)
Location Fort Morvunskar, Skuldafn
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Queen Nurnhilde

Queen Nurnhilde was a Nord queen of Windhelm. She briefly ruled after her mother Queen Mabjaarn was slain during the Akaviri Invasion of Windhelm; however, she was killed in battle as well. She was succeeded by her younger brother Jorunn following a duel for leadership against their brother Fildgor.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


She appears before you after you open Warlord Halskar's lockbox and retrieve the relics from it. She will ask you to return the relics back to the tombs:

"I am Nurnhilde, Queen of the Nords. I come to you from Sovngarde with an urgent demand."
What do you need, spirit?
"The relics you took from that strongbox were stolen from the royal tombs beneath Fort Morvunskar."
What should I do with the relics?
"Return the relics to their rightful places in the tombs below, of course. What else would you do with them?
Accomplish this task and I shall forever be in your debt."
I'll return the relics to the tomb.
"Meet me behind this building, at the entrance to the tombs. I shall wait for you there."
What if I just keep the relics?
"Then the same fate that befell the traitorous Nord shall befall you. Do you really wish to play this game with me, mortal?"

Sleep for the DeadEdit

After speaking to Lieutenant Koruni, you will meet the Queen at the entrance of the royal tombs behind the barracks. She will mention that you will need to return the relics to the correct chambers as the draugr have been disturbed:

"I have been waiting for you to arrive."
What do you want me to do?
"The relics you recovered are very important. When they were removed, it disturbed the draugr below.
Please return the relics to their proper resting places."
Sounds simple enough. / Returning the relics sounds simple enough.
"There is nothing simple about this matter. You must return the relics to the exact spot they were taken from. Inspect each chamber carefully, for there will be clues as to the proper placement.
I can advise you, but I know little of these relics."
Are you really the spirit of Queen Nurnhilde?
"Who else would I be, mortal? Recent events have called me back from Sovngarde, but I am still my people's beloved queen.
Now don't you have some relics to put back in the tomb?"
Returning the relics sounds simple enough.
"There is nothing simple about this matter. You must return the relics to the exact spot they were taken from. Inspect each chamber carefully, for there will be clues as to the proper placement.
I can advise you, but I know little of these relics."
I'll do my best.

In the cup room, she will be by the altars:

Queen Nurnhilde: "Come down here and look around. The cup belongs on one of these altars, but I do not know which one."

You can speak to her to get a bit more information about the cup:

"This chamber contains the remains of the honored cupbearers who served the rulers of Skyrim."
So I should return the old Nord cup to this chamber?
"I believe so. The old Nord cup symbolizes and honors the servants who performed the thankless duty of providing for the needs of each generation's royal family."
Do you have any idea which altar it was taken from?
"All I can tell you is that the cup holds the key. Examine it carefully and choose wisely."

Putting the cup on the wrong altar, draugr will appear and attack you:

Queen Nurnhilde: "That was the wrong altar. You have awakened the dead."

Putting the cup on the correct altar:

Queen Nurnhilde: "That appears to be the correct altar. Very good. I will see you in the next chamber."

Entering the book room, she will wait next to the pedestal:

Queen Nurnhilde: "The book you carry belongs on this pedestal. However, a page was torn out when it was plundered."

Speak with her for more information:

"This chamber contains the remains of advisors who served the throne. Trusted counselors, viziers, and shamans are buried here."
What can you tell me about this book?
"The book contains a collection of ancient Nord proverbs. As you can see, a page has been torn out.
But that was not the only book damaged when the Stormfists invaded this chamber. You need to find the correct page to restore that ancient book."
Which page is the correct one?
"Read the book and any pages you find.
Matching a torn page with the writing in the book should be simple enough for one of your experience and skills."

If you place the wrong page, you'll be thrown back by a magical explosion. She'll say:

Queen Nurnhilde: "That is not the right page. Try again, mortal."

Putting the book on the correct pedestal:

Queen Nurnhilde: "Excellent. Who knew you could read ancient Nord? One chamber remains. Mine. Bring my amulet and meet me there."

She will be in her chamber but she is distraught that her body and the Crown of Freydis has been taken by the Stormfists:

"This is wrong. Something is terribly, terribly wrong."
What's the matter?
"My body. The Crown of Freydis. They should both be here, but they're gone."
Did the Stormfists take your body?
"No. Layers of magical protection engulf the interred. Any Stormfist that tried to even touch my body would have been obliterated. Only those of royal blood could have—No!"
What is it?
"My brother … has all honor deserted him? Why would he do such a thing? Fildgor ….
Go! Quickly! Perhaps you can catch him before he gets away. You must retrieve my mortal remains and my crown!"

After speaking to Captain Hamar, she will appear behind him and wants to give you an amulet to remain connected to you while you're trying to reclaim back her remains and crown:

"I no longer know my own brother's heart, but I know yours.
Even though Fildgor escaped with my crown and my mortal remains, you have performed a great service this day."
I'll find your body and your crown. Also, I still need to return your amulet to your tomb.
"Keep the amulet. You earned it. And as long as you carry it, we will always be connected."

Eternal SlumberEdit

After you prayed at all three totems, the memory of her and her brother Jorunn will be revealed in Mistwatch Crevasse. Jorunn will be on his knees while looking at his sister floating.

Gods Save the KingEdit

After speaking to Jorunn at the conclusion of the third phase of his dream, the spirit of Queen Nurnhilde will announce that Fildgor intends to use the crown and her spirit to merge with him to try to be king:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Sister! This can't be. This must be part of my dream."
Queen Nurnhilde: "Jorunn, my beloved brother. It's been so long. I wish the news I bring you wasn't so dire."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "What is it, Nurnhilde? What's wrong?"
Queen Nurnhilde: "It's Fildgor. I know why our brother stole my body and the crown. He plans to call forth my spirit and merge it with his own. He believes that by possessing me, he shall become the rightful king."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Please, friend, leave us so that we can talk. I'll join you in the waking world shortly."

Speaking with her here:

"Thank you for helping my brother. He needs more friends like you.
I'll make sure he wakes up after we finish our conversation."

Snow and FlameEdit

After entering into the Skuldafn Tombs, you will find Queen Nurnhilde at the end of the quest. She will bear ill news that Fildgor has entered into Sovngarde and needs to be stopped quickly:

"I can sense Jorunn's troops coming up the mountain. But they will be too late.
I am sorry, but this all falls to you. You are the only one who can reach Fildgor in time."
Where can I find Fildgor?
"Fildgor has forced his way into Sovngarde. He is close to accomplishing his goal. Soon he shall steal my essence and convince the Crown of Freydis to accept him.
Please! You must stop him!"

Songs of SovngardeEdit

Queen Nurnhilde's body

If you have not start the quest yet, she will say:

"Hurry champion!"

Speaking to her:

"I can sense Jorunn's troops coming up the mountain. But they will be too late.
I am sorry, but this all falls to you. You are the only one who can reach Fildgor in time."
How did Fildgor Enter Sovngarde? (Leads to quest dialogue)

As per the previous conversation, she will urge you to enter Sovngarde and stop Fildgor from completing the ritual that will let usurp the title of king of Eastern Skyrim:

"Fildgor opened a bridge between this world and Sovngarde. His royal blood grants him access to the hallowed halls of our ancestors, no matter what foul atrocities he has performed.
Even now, he works his dark magic there, siphoning off my soul."
How do I get into Sovngarde?
"The Watcher at the Bridge guards the entrance. I will speak on your behalf and you shall be able to enter Sovngarde as my champion.
When you reach the peak, step into the column of light. The rest is up to you."
I'll enter Sovngarde and stop Fildgor.

Speaking to her again:

"Hurry, champion. I can feel my essence slipping away."

You will speak to her next after choosing Fildgor's fate. You do not have a choice of dialogue here, but her dialogue will depend on what you told Fildgor.

If you killed him, she will deem Fildgor's death as necessary to allow Jorunn to have an effective reign as king:

"I felt Fildgor's life expire. It left ripples throughout this realm. You killed him, didn't you?"
Fildgor is dead. I couldn't let him live.
"Perhaps my time among the dead has hardened my heart, but I don't mourn my brother. Jorunn is a good king, but he would have been soft on Fildgor. You did him a favor.
Now you must leave this place. Go, speak to Jorunn and tell him what transpired."

If you spared him, she will think it's a mistake to let him live:

"Fildgor has departed this place and the spirits return to their eternal sleep. Tell me what happened here."
I spared Fildgor's life. It's up to Jorunn to decide his fate.
"Honorable, but perhaps misguided. You should have just killed him and been done with it. Forgive me, my detachment from life has given me a cold view of things.
You should speak with Jorunn and make sure that Fildgor pays for his crimes."

Either way...

And you? Will you be all right?
"Your concern is appreciated, but in case you have forgotten, I am dead. You have already done more for me than I ever expected. I return to Sovngarde now. I will welcome my brother when he joins me.
With luck, I shall see you there one day as well."

Speaking to her again:

"It is time for you to go. Leave my body here, where it cannot be bothered again.
You have done more than I could have hoped for. Thank you."