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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Defeat a leader of the Veiled Heritance on the high seas.
Zone: Greenshade
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Seaside Sanctuary — Drive back the Maormer invasion at Seaside Sanctuary.
Quest Giver: Captain Jimila
Location(s): Seaside Sanctuary, Abecean Sea
Prerequisite Quest: A Storm Upon the Shore
Next Quest: Report to Marbruk
Reward: Sargasso's Curse
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 4765
The Maormer summon a sea serpent
Seaside Sanctuary is back in the control of the Aldmeri Dominion, but Vicereeve Pelidil has escaped aboard a Maormer vessel.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Arrows fly amidst battle!
  1. Defeat the Maormer boarders on deck.
  2. Defeat the sea serpent with the ballistae.
  3. Repel the Maormer boarders.
  4. Travel to the Maormer ship, and defeat the enemies on board.
  5. Talk to Captain Jimila on the Prowler.
  6. Talk to Captain Jimila in the harbor.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Dominion and Heritance come to a head on the high seas!

Talk to Captain Jimila when you are ready to go after Vicereeve Pelidil. This will cause the Prowler to set sail, and you wake up in the lower decks.

Under AttackEdit

Vanquish Pelidil and put an end to the Heritance for good

The Maormer are attempting to board the ship. You need to fight them off while avoiding fire from the enemy ship's cannonballs.

A sea serpent will approach the ship after you defeat the first batch of Sea Vipers. You need to shoot it with the ballistae on the deck four times. The serpent appears at the northeast ballista, the northwest ballista, the southeast ballista (where it may dodge your attack the first time), then alternate between the southwest and southeast. You should note there is no ballista in the southwestern area. There will be a constant influx of Sea Vipers during the fight, while you try to find time to take shots with the ballista, so you'll have to kill a couple more between each shot.

Once the serpent is defeated, you will have to repel more Maormer boarders. Two portals appear on deck at this time. Kill the boarders, and your own mages will take control of the portals before they can be closed, so you can use them to board the Maormer ship.

After all the boarders have been defeated, you need to enter the portal at the north end of the deck to kill Vicereeve Pelidil. Unfortunately, Pelidil does not have the Staff of Magnus, it has been taken by the lich-shade of Prince Naemon - whom Pelidil still follows, despite the fact that he could not actually control the undead prince. Far from being dismayed by this, he will brag of it and refer to Naemon as the true king, during the fight. Kill him and his last few soldiers, then step back through the portal to the Prowler.

Return to the ProwlerEdit

Having returned to the Prowler, talk to Jimila to return to port, also receiving your rewards of a skill point and the one-handed "Sargasso's Curse" sword (technically part of the "Beekeeper's Gear" set).

The next quest does not start immediately upon finishing talking to Jimila. However, Major Cirenwe will be visible after you've walked a few paces off the ship, to begin the next quest stage by sending you to Marbruk with a sealed letter detailing the recent events.


  • If you jump in the water, the sea serpent will one-hit kill you after a few seconds of being near it. Otherwise, if you jump on the side where the sea serpent isn't, you will quickly be killed by slaughterfish.
  • The sea serpent's poison spit attack inflicts very minimal damage if it hits you.
  • The two Dominion mages on board the Prowler will heal you if your health starts to get lower.
  • The Prowler Crew Member that occasionally speaks as seen in the subtitles cannot be seen aboard the ship.


  • The option to return to Greenshade via Captain Jimila is bugged. Upon arriving back to Seaside Sanctuary, the screen will fade to black right away and you will be forced back to the Abecean Sea. This means you have to either complete the quest to return or use a wayshrine. ?
  • During the 0/3 ballista objective, invading Sea Vipers will stand idle on the edge of the ship, invulnerable to attacks, for a few seconds before starting to attack you. ?
  • The Sea Vipers ship can still be seen launching fireballs at the Prowler even after Pelidil and the Sea Vipers aboard have been defeated. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Pelidil's End
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Captain Jimila is preparing the Prowler to sail after Vicereeve Pelidil.
Objective: Launch the Ship
The Prowler has caught up with the Maormer ship bearing Vicereeve Pelidil, and a battle has begun at sea. I need to go above decks and help in the fight.
Objective: Go to the Ship's Deck
Maormer boarders are assaulting the deck of the Prowler. I need to defeat the boarders to keep the ship secure.
Objective: Repel Maormer Boarders
A massive sea serpent is attacking the boat! The serpent is too powerful for normal attacks—I must use the ship's ballista to wound it.
Objective: Use the Ballista to Shoot the Serpent
A massive sea serpent is attacking the boat! The serpent is too powerful for normal attacks—I must use the ship's ballistae to kill it.
Objective: Defeat the Serpent Using the Ballistae
The serpent is dead, but now the Maormer mages have opened portals. They are boarding the ship.
Objective: Repel Maormer Boarders
We've repelled the boarders. Now, I should use the Maormer portal to board their ship and kill Vicereeve Pelidil.
Objective: Kill Vicereeve Pelidil
Hidden Objective: Use the Maormer Portal
Vicereeve Pelidil is dead. I should use the portal on the Maormer ship to return to the Prowler and Captain Jimila. We can then sail back to Seaside Sanctuary.
Objective: Return to Seaside Sanctuary
Hidden Objective: Talk to Captain Jimila to Return to Seaside Sanctuary
Finishes quest  We've returned to port. I should speak to Captain Jimila.
Objective: Talk to Captain Jimila
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