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Rescue a young Khajiit from his skooma-smuggling captors.
Zone: Khenarthi's Roost
Objective: Hazak's Hollow — Investigate the Crosstree Banits in Hazak's Hollow.
Quest Giver: A note, or Zulana
Location(s): Hazak's Hollow
Reward: Hazak's Hauberk
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 4664
Khari in a bad situation
I found a note in a smuggler camp. A young Khajiit was captured and taken to Hazak's Hollow by the Crosstree Bandits. [if you take the quest from the note]
A Khajiit named Khari was taken by Crosstree Bandits to a place called Hazak's Hollow. His mother Zulana asked me to find and rescue her son. [if the quest is started from Zulana]

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. (Optional) Find the note in a Crosstree Bandit camp.
  2. Talk to Zulana near Hazak's Hollow.
  3. Enter Hazak's Hollow and find Khari.
  4. Help Khari deal with Hazak.
  5. Talk to Zulana for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Mother and son reunited

Around Khenarthi's Roost there are three tiny Crosstree Bandit camps. In these can be found a note, which mentions that a Khajiit was taken to the Hazak's Hollow hideout.

"A young Khajiit wandered into camp last night, said he's looking for Hazak. If anyone asks where I am, I'm dragging this fool off to Hazak's Hollow. He'll see the boss before his head and body part ways."
<Continue reading.>
"We spotted Aldmeri on the beaches. If you need me, send a runner up and around the hill above Hazak's Hollow. Double back to the dock near the entrance."
<Take the note.>

It also warns against Thalmor patrols on the beaches. Head for the Hollow, which is east of Mistral. Zulana will find you as you approach, and talking to her reveals her as the mother of Khari, the Khajiit from the note. She will beg you to rescue her son from the skooma dealers before he is killed.

Alternatively, you may get this quest from Zulana directly, without reading the note. In this case, she will approach you as you get near to Hazak's Hollow.

Enter the Hollow. You will have to swim for a bit, and Crosstree Bandits are everywhere, but you'll find Khari tied up on the right side of the cave. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to help him kill Hazak. He will also reveal something interesting: his mother is not all she seems. She scouted the cave ahead of time, and warned Khari of the danger. After Khari is untied, he will fight with you as locate the key to the back room, where Hazak lurks. The key is in a small chest across the cave. When you have it, enter Hazak's Lair.

Hazak's Lair is fairly small, so just go around to the main chamber and confront Hazak. Once he is dead, exit the Hollow to find Zulana waiting for you. She will reveal that Hazak was actually Khari's father, consumed by his addiction. Zulana is glad to be rid of her skooma-dealing husband, though, and thanks you with some gold, as well as Hazak's Hauberk, a piece of medium armor.


  • Khari won't exist inside the cove before starting the quest.
  • Bandits that are outside the objective radius (such as outside the cove), can also drop the key.
  • The silver chest containing the key won't exist in the cove before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.


There is one achievement associated with this quest:

Achievement Points Description
    Skooma Watch 5 Intervene in all instances of skooma abuse on Khenarthi's Roost.

Quest StagesEdit

Moon-Sugar Medicament
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The note says the Khajiit was taken to Hazak's Hollow. I should see if I can find it before the bandits kill the Khajiit.
Objective: Find Hazak's Hollow
Objective Hint: Talk to Zulana
  Zulana knows where the bandits took her son. She told me how to get inside so I can search for Khari.
Objective: Enter Hazak's Hollow
I found Hazak's Hollow. I just need to locate Khari and get him out alive.
Objective: Rescue Khari
Objective Hint: Talk to Khari
I agreed to help Khari kill Hazak. We need to find a way into his lair.
Objective: Enter Hazak's Lair
Objective Hint: Find the Key to Hazak's Lair
Khari wants Hazak dead for what the smuggler did to his father. Once we find Hazak, we can put an end to his skooma business.
Objective: Kill Hazak
Hazak is dead. Now we just need to fight our way back to Zulana.
Objective: Return to Zulana
Finishes quest  Zulana is here, and somehow all the remaining bandits are dead. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Zulana
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