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Help a monkey to reverse the effects of a potion.
Zone: Alik'r Desert
Quest Giver: Suspicious Monkey
Location(s): Sentinel
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience
Deliver some odd potions for a Baandari trader
I met a talking monkey in Sentinel. The monkey claims he's really an Orc and that he was tricked by a Khajiit potion-maker named Unishi. He wants to be changed back.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the Suspicious Monkey.
  2. Visit the Baandari trader.
  3. Deliver the potions.
  4. Return to the trader, and find the monkey again.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While walking the streets of Sentinel, you'll come across a Suspicious Monkey between Ilkhas al-Azif's Home and the Sisters of the Sands Inn. The monkey can talk, and claims that it's actually an Orc. The monkey says he came to be this way after purchasing a potion from a Baandari trader named Unishi. He asks you to make the Khajiit transform him back into an Orc.

Unishi is located in the Frozen Palms Tavern, which lies west of the monkey. The tavern is on the corner of the street, opposite the Sisters of the Sands Inn. Unishi is having a drink at the bar. She tells you that the Orc felt like he didn't fit in, and that he wanted to be nimble and fast. Unishi thought of a monkey when he described how he wanted to be, so she gave him a potion that turned him into one. Ingredients are expensive, and Unishi doesn't just want to give you the Orc's cure for free. Thus, she asks you to take two potions she brewed for some clients and deliver them to their owners.

One of her clients, Irwad, is located across the street, in the lobby of the Sisters of the Sands Inn, near the bard. He wanted a potion that would give him hair. Unishi claimed it would give him lots of luscious hair all over his body, and that he would have many children. He hastily takes Unishi's Potion from you, then drinks it. As soon as he drinks it, he starts convulsing. He then turns into a rat. Runeh walks over and sees him. Thinking Irwad is an ordinary rodent, she starts trying to stomp on him. Runeh chases Irwad out of the tavern.

Unishi's other client is Dariah, whose house is back down the road to the west, past Ilkhas al-Azif's Home, where the Suspicious Monkey was sitting earlier. The Home of Dariah and Ferhad is the last house on the northern side of the road. Enter the home and speak with Dariah. She asked for a potion that would make her husband kind and loyal. She knows exactly what the potion she ordered is going to do. Dariah asks you to give the potion to her quickly, as her husband is waiting for his dinner, and he isn't very kind to her. Ferhad becomes impatient while waiting, and Dariah adds the potion to his meal. She brings her husband his dinner, and he takes a bite ... then he turns into a dog.

Once you've delivered both potions, return to Unishi at the Frozen Palms Tavern. She thanks you for making those deliveries for her, and gives you a potion that will turn the monkey back into an Orc. Return to the monkey and give him Unishi's Potion. He rewards you for helping him, then drinks it. He transforms back into an Orc, and is naked. He proceeds to run into the Frozen Palms Tavern, offering to buy you a drink. When you get to the tavern to quaff the cold beverage he's offered, the former monkey tells you he spent his last coin on the one in his hand.

Quest StagesEdit

Monkey Magic
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I promised the monkey that I'd talk to Unishi in Sentinel's tavern and ask her to change him back.
Objective: Talk to Unishi
Unishi has agreed to change the monkey back into an Orc, but only after I do her a favor. I must deliver two more potions for her and then return.
Objective: Deliver Potions
Hidden Objective: Deliver Potion to Irwad
Hidden Objective: Deliver Potion to Dariah
I should return to and speak to Unishi.
Objective: Talk to Unishi
☑Finishes quest Unishi gave me a potion to reverse the spell and change the monkey back into an Orc. I should take this to the monkey.
Objective: Take the Potion to the Monkey