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Location Outside of Bloodrun Cave
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 79918
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Destroying What Remains
Faction(s) Clutch of Nisswo

Mim-Jasa is an Argonian nisswo who can be found outside of Bloodrun Cave.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Before you speak to him, he will be outside of Bloodrun Cave, murmuring a grim phrase of "Uncertainty. Fear. Death. The will of Sithis cannot be ignored." Speak with him to see how you can help him:

"You look quite capable. Might I be able to recruit you to help me?
This place was once an honorable tomb for fallen members of the Dark Brotherhood, but now it houses a perversion of death. The cycle which devours all has been corrupted here."
What do you mean?
"I belong to the Clutch of Nisswo. I came to this place to perform last rites for three well-respected Shadowscales entombed here. But I was chased out by a necromancer called Tumma-Maxath who seeks to disturb their remains for selfish purposes."
Disturbing their remains?
"Yes, when I arrived here, he had already raised many Shadowscale bodies to fight for him.
In order to spare the three I came to perform last rights upon from this fate, I must destroy their skeletons. Will you help? I can pay you for your services."
I'll help you destroy the remains of the three Shadowscales.
"The remains of these renowned Shadowscales deserve the peaceful emptiness of the Void. Destruction must pass before creation and change can begin anew.
Hurry, we must find the remains inside the cave and destroy them."

You can ask him optional questions about the Shadowscales' remains and the Clutch of Nisswo:

Why burn the remains? / Why do you need to burn these Shadowscale skeletons?
"While it is true that the souls of these Shadowscales returned to the Hist long ago, their remains still deserve peace. Their bones need not become puppets to a madman drunk on power.
Burning them is the only way to prevent that."
Why are these three Shadowscales so important?
"They were closer to Sithis than most. Each powerful in their own right, buried here to honor their path in life. Which is why I came here to begin with.
But when Tumma-Maxath disinterred them for his own gain, he dishonored their remains."
What's the Clutch of Nisswo?
"We have also been called "nothing-speakers." We are a fellowship that honors Sithis and the truths of the Void. We all speak different words, but our purpose follows those lessons.
One must first apprentice under a mentor before joining our ranks."
Do all nisswo perform last rights for fallen Shadowscales?
"Each nisswo is different. I choose to honor Sithis by ensuring that the unavoidable truths, such as fear, death, darkness and change are not compromised."

Once inside, Mim-Jasa will urge you to hurry:

Mim-Jasa: "Time is a force of change. We should hurry."

Speaking to him here, he will say the following before giving you another chance to ask the same optional questions above:

"Come, friend. We must find the great fallen Shadowscale's remains and make sure to destroy them. The flat-toothed deviant will not use them."

As you approach one of the burial sites, Mim-Jasa will comment:

Mim-Jasa: "Tumma-Maxath already uncovered the remains. Quickly, destroy them."
<You destroy the remains.>
Mim-Jasa: "May these bones find the emptiness of the Void."

The second site:

Mim-Jasa: "Tumma-Maxath will not have these remains."
<You destroy the remains.>
Mim-Jasa: "All that is created must eventually be destroyed and then renewed. The cycle is unbroken."

When you reach the third burial site, Mim-Jasa will notice something is missing:

Mim-Jasa: "The skull of this Shadowscale is missing. I think I know why."
<You destroy the remains.>
Mim-Jasa: "The peace of destruction."

Having found and destroyed remains of the three Shadowscales, Mim-Jasa will want to talk about the missing skull:

"We successfully destroyed almost all of the remains, but the Shadowscale with the missing skull is cause for concern.
I believe those remains once belonged to Ajum-Shei."
"A Shadowscale who was said to have plucked out his own eye and sealed a powerful necromantic gem within the socket. It granted him the power to see lost spirits.
Tumma-Maxath must have taken it in order to conduct his ritual."
What do we do?
"If I am correct, we must locate Tumma-Maxath's ritual site. If he used the skull and the gem inside to power his ritual, it should be nearby. We must make sure to destroy the skull and finish our work.
Let us hurry, before the chance is lost."

You can continue talking to him and ask about Ajum-Shei's gem:

"Let us not waste time.
We need to destroy the skull of the fallen Shadowscale in order to ensure their spirit is fully released from Tumma-Maxath's grasp."
How does Ajum-Shei's gem help Tumma-Maxath? / How does Ajum-Shei's gem help the ritual?
"I am not certain, but I believe Tumma-Maxath either knew about the gem previously, or sensed its power when he unearthed Ajum-Shei's remains.
The necromantic properties of such a gem would likely be a great strengthening agent to any ritual."
How can you be sure the skull will still be nearby?
"A ritual of this magnitude would take time to prepare. Tumma-Maxath would need to find a place to ready the necessary components and use the skull as a focal point.
Should we find the ritual site, the skull will most certainly be there."

As you approach Tumma-Maxath's ritual site:

Mim-Jasa: "The skull must be here somewhere."

Tumma-Maxath will be playing with necromancy within the chamber, the skull is seen on his altar:

Mim-Jasa: "There, that must be Ajum-Shei's skull."

It is likely you will have to defeat Tumma-Maxath first before you can reach and destroy the skull:

Mim-Jasa: "It is done. Praise Sithis the Changer."

You can then leave the cave through the back entrance and speak with Mim-Jasa:

"The Shadowscales remains are destroyed, and we are triumphant. Thank you, valiant traveler. I could not have finished this task without your help."
Will the spirits of the Shadowscales be safe now?
"Indeed. Your actions ensured those remains can no longer be exploited. I am sure were their spirits still present, they would thank you for your efforts.
Allow me to extend a more tangible gratitude. Here, for your help."

Once the quest is completed, you can ask Mim-Jasa some more questions:

"Before we part, allow me to offer you some wisdom.
Remember, as you journey through life … all things must pass in order to begin again. Knowing this simple fact eases pain and suffering. Learn to let go, and what was lost will be reborn."
What's next for you?
"I will carry on, as is my purpose as a Nisswo.
I cannot say for sure where this responsibility will take me next, but change is the only thing that is guaranteed. Whatever path I walk next will be different from the one I walk now."
I wish you luck.
"And to you as well. I cannot say where my responsibilities will take me, but I do hope that one day they bring me to you again. It has been a great pleasure.
Sithis the Changer is honored today, and the cycle continues."