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Mages Guild Formal RobesEdit

ON-icon-costume-Mages Guild Formal Robes.png
This costume replicates the Mages Guild formal robes.
Mages Guild Formal Robes (male)
Mages Guild Formal Robes (female)

Part of Mages Guild Pack which is sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns.

Slot 1: Most of robe and hood
Slot 2: Robe and hood trim, upper shoes
Slot 3: Robe laces, glove backs, hood top, skirt trim

Mages Guild Leggings UniformEdit

ON-icon-costume-Mages Guild Leggings Uniform.png
This costume is an example of the Mages Guild uniform with leggings.
Mages Guild Leggings Uniform (male)
Mages Guild Leggings Uniform (female)

Part of Mages Guild Pack which is sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns.

Mages Guild Research RobesEdit

ON-icon-costume-Mages Guild Research Robes.png
This costume replicates the Mages Guild research robes.
Mages Guild Research Robes (male)
Mages Guild Research Robes (female)

Part of Mages Guild Pack which was sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns. It is now available in the Adept Starter Pack alongside the Knight of the Flame costume, Crafty Lerisa's Thief Outfit and White Mane Horse for 010001000 Crowns.


Slot 1: Blue parts of the robe and hood
Slot 2: white parts on the robe and hood, soles of the shoes
Slot 3: Brown parts of the robe, including shoulders, gloves, belt, fringes and shoe fur.

Magnifica's Sundas WearEdit

ON-icon-costume-Magnifica's Sundas Wear.png
"In Hammerfell, our Crown nobility prefer clothing simple and traditional in cut, but rich and varied in material," says designer Sar'aq of Sentinel. "This ensemble is appropriate for both receiving noble guests and visiting others."

This costume became available in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns on May 30, 2019, and has been available ever since.

Magnifica's Sundas Wear (female)
Magnifica's Sundas Wear (male)
Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

Majestic "Dune Rider" EnsembleEdit

ON-icon-costume-Majestic Dune Rider Ensemble.png
Sar'aq has outdone himself with this elegant outfit inspired by the legend of Prince Ahzzad the Dune Rider! Anyone would look princely in this ensemble of midnight linen and leather, accented with shining silver. Exquisite!
Majestic "Dune Rider" Ensemble (male)
Majestic "Dune Rider" Ensemble (female)

This costume is an Epic-level reward in Scalecaller Crates.

Slot 1: Upper sleeves and front of shirt
Slot 2: Vest, upper belt, and sash
Slot 3: Vest trim, lower belt, and pants

(Gloves, boots, straps, and white trim are not dyeable)


One can sneer at lesser mortals when wearing this exact replica of the regalia of the King of Worms.

The Mannimarco costume is received by in-game mail when a character reaches Champion Points100. You originally needed to be Level 50 to equip it.

Slot 1: Upper torso, gloves, bracers, shoulders, belt buckle, boots
Slot 2: Sleeves, collar, pants, skirt trim
Slot 3: Circlet, skirt

(Purple gems on chest, waist, boots, and circlet are not dyeable, circlet may interfere with some hats)

Marshlord Formal Bugshell RobesEdit

ON-icon-costume-Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes.png
For the Saxhleel who dares to scintillate, the reclusive Jaxa the Hermit presents this season's must-have formal-wear, the multi-layered Marshlord robe set, sewn with the shiny shells of thousands of tiny swamp insects!
Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes (male)
Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes (female)

An Argonian-style outfit, previously sold in the Crown Store for 010001,000 Crowns from May 18, 2017 through (?). Available as an Epic-level reward in Xanmeer Crates.

Slot 1: Most of robe
Slot 2: Sides of hood, belt and shoulder trim, bracers
Slot 3: Top of hood, some sash details

(Shoulder fringe, sides and trim of robe, and fur edging on bracers are not dyeable)

Mask of Cheerful SlaughterEdit

ON-icon-costume-Mask of Cheerful Slaughter.png
This Sheogorath-approved jester outfit displays the three faces of madness.
Mask of Cheerful Slaughter (male)
Mask of Cheerful Slaughter (female)

The Mask of Cheerful Slaughter is a jester outfit inspired by Sheogorath, with a mask that looks like the door to the Shivering Isles. It was given as a reward for having paid for a subscription for nine months.

Master Field CartographerEdit

ON-icon-costume-Master Field Cartographer.png
Whether you're climbing the snowiest peaks in Skyrim or slogging through the soggiest lowlands, these insulated leathers will protect you and your mapmaking supplies from Tamriel's harshest environments.
Master Field Cartographer (female)

The Master Field Cartographer can be acquired by collecting and combining all of the Cartographer Fragments found in the Nchuthnkarst public dungeon in Western Skyrim.

Appears only with Thieves Guild

Merchant Lord's Formal RegaliaEdit

ON-icon-costume-Merchant Lord's Formal Regalia.png
The merchant lords of Abah's Landing wear their most expensive finery to weddings, funerals, executions, and other public events attended by their peers.
Merchant Lord's Formal Regalia (male)
Merchant Lord's Formal Regalia (female)

The Merchant Lord's Formal Regalia is acquired by completing the quest Forever Hold Your Peace.

Slot 1: Upper sleeves, inner shirt
Slot 2: Vest, foreskirt, turban
Slot 3: Pants, belt, hat feather, vest trim

(Gold trim on robes, vest, gloves, and boots and black gloves and boots are not dyeable)

Moon-Sugar Festival SuitEdit

ON-icon-costume-Moon-Sugar Festival Suit.png
"When the Moon-Sugar cane is ripe for harvest, and Jone and Jode are both waning crescents, it's time for the sweetest festival of the year," says designer Samsu the Sleek. "This Festival Suit blends five different silks so you'll look shiny and sharp!"
Moon-Sugar Festival Suit (male)
Moon-Sugar Festival Suit (female)

Sold in the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns from (?) to September 24, 2018.

Slot 1: Shirt, pants, sandals
Slot 2: Sash, under-sleeves
Slot 3: Bracelets

(Gold trim on shirt and sash are not dyeable)

Morthal Jarl FineryEdit

ON-icon-costume-Morthal Jarl Finery.png
Let skalds wear silks! The stalwart rulers of Morthal require sturdier materials. These rustic, oiled leathers are lined with the down of waterfowl, providing warmth and comfort befitting royalty even in the damp, cold wetlands of Hjaalmarch.
Morthal Jarl Finery (male)
Morthal Jarl Finery (female)

Available as a Legendary-level reward in Nightfall Crates.

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

( are not dyeable)

Moth PriestEdit

ON-icon-costume-Moth Priest.png
"The priests of the Ancestor Moth are devoted to veneration of those who came before us, for the wisdom of the ancestors can sing the future into the present. As such, we alone have the privilege of interpreting the Elder Scrolls." --Sister Terran Arminus
Moth Priest (male)
Moth Priest (female)

This costume is an Epic-level reward in Wild Hunt Crown Crates.