Online:Magister Enuse

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Magister Enuse
Location Ash Mountain
Race Chimer Gender Female
Health fh
Reaction Friendly
Magister Enuse
Enuse's old look with black eyes

Magister Enuse was a Chimer member of the group of mages who originally bound Balreth in Ash Mountain.

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"You're not my acolyte. Where did you come from?"
I'm here to help. I've closed the portals.
"Very brave, acolyte. Now, listen. Mavos can't last much longer. He gained control of two powerful guardian atronachs.
They should be able to hold even Balreth. Ragebinder and Blaze. Go to the braziers. Summon them, and let this day be done."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"Hurry, Mavos cannot hold Balreth much longer."

Speaking with her after summoning the atronachs:

"Did you talk to Mavos?"

When you need to activate the Altar of Binding:

"Mavos is about to buckle. Hurry!"


  • Initially, Enuse had black eyes, and at some point the Chimer were updated to have gold eyes and more brass-colored skin.