Location Nchuleftingth
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Lotaeel is an Argonian member of Neramo's expedition into Nchuleftingth. He is one of the sellswords whom Neramo hired in order to keep him and the other members of the expedition safe.

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The Heart's DesireEdit

You can find Lotaeel at Neramo's camp inside the ruins, where he stands watch in case mercenaries or automata try to attack him and his fellow expedition members. If you speak with him, he says:

"I erect the spine of warning, stranger. Do not seek to harm those I protect, and I will not seek to harm you."

At the end of the quest, you can find him standing at the camp where the other members of the expedition have gathered as well:

"You show great martial skill, sword-friend. I erect the spine of respect.
I regret not killing more of those dry-skinned mercenaries, but to see my partners safe and sound... that brings me great joy."