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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Kiv Lindres
Home Settlement Belkarth
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Varies
Kiv Lindres

Kiv Lindres is a Dark Elf con man who can be found in Belkarth. You will learn of him after he steals several items from Aurelia Jourvel, including the Veloise Signet Ring, which Isobel Veloise once gave to Aurelia. Once you find more of his victims across Tamriel, you track him to Craglorn.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Lost Symbol: Help Isobel recover a ring that is valuble to her family.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After speaking with Engelreth Goldleaf and explaining what Kiv has been doing, Goldleaf will tell you where he was going to meet Kiv for a business deal. Isobel and you will crash the meeting instead, when you enter the basement, Gerinia will notice you and say:

Gerinia Folmort: "This looks like trouble. We're out of here, Lindres."
<Gerinia Folmort and Cesir Havel flee the room.>
Kiv Lindres: "Wait, Folmort … gah! Look at what you two did. Screwed up a great business opportunity!"

Kiv Lindres will then become hostile and attack, but he will not fight to the death. Surrendering instead:

Kiv Lindres: "Okay I give, I give. Whatever you want, I'll give it to you!"

You can now talk with Kiv:

"Friends of Aurelia Jourvel, right? Yah got me, yah got me. Kiv Lindres, at your service. Your seething knight buddy must be Isobel.
She wants her ring back, I don't wanna be killed. We've got no problems here."
How can we trust you, Kiv?
"You can't, not really. But you can absolutely trust that I want to walk away from this with my hide intact.
I'm betting you're more willing to chat than stabby sword lady here, and I've got to tell you where the ring is."
You don't have the ring with you?
"I hid it, but I'll tell you where it is. You found me once, I'm sure you could find me again.
Just let me leave with my beautiful face on my perfect body. All right?"
All right. Where is it?
"Buried at the base of a twin-spire rock. It's just north of Ogondar's Winery.
Hey. Uh, no offense, but I hope we never meet again."
Isobel and I will leave you to your friends, then.

At this, Engelreth Goldleaf, Julles Laurdon and Galedra Athram will arrive:

Kiv Landres: "Wait. What friends?"
Galedra Athram: "Hello you fetching fetcher. You cost me my job."
Julles Laurdon: "I feel we've come up with punishment that fit his crimes. And we'd like you to choose. Please and thank you."

Speaking with Kiv again, he will still be smug:

"I'm not a total fetcher. Not totally. The ring is where I said it is.
Just don't expect me to be here when you get back. Heh."

Talking with Julles and Galedra, the pair have different ideas for Kiv's punishment. Julles wants to send him to a remote convent, while Galedra has something more alchemical in mind. You can decide which one you want to go with:

Kiv Lindres transformed into spider

If you go with Galedra's idea, she will approach Kiv with her concoction:

Galedra Athram: "This won't hurt a bit, Kiv."
Kiv Landres: "Get away, you witch!"
<Galedra pours the bottle on him. There is a flash of yellow light and Kiv is transformed into a spider.>
Galedra Athram: "Damn. Thought it would be a skeever. Gotta remember for next time, go easy on the spidersilk."

If you go with Julle's idea:

Julles Laurdon: "Kiv, I am taking you on a journey. Time spent in contemplation and service among the Brothers of the Bond will make you … a better person."
Kiv Landres: "Hey wait, no. I'm not going to any monastery."
Galedra Athram: "Nighty-night, Kiv."
<Kiv falls unconscious.>
Julles Laurdon: "Thank you, Galedra. By the time that wears off, we'll be halfway to the monastery."