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Online:Izzmothar's Power

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Book Information
Izzmothar's Power
ID 7794
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Collection Dungeon Delver Documents
Found in the following locations:
Izzmothar's Power
A fire scamp's attempt at writing

(Scraps of burnt paper. The barely legible scrawl dates back to 1E 503.)

Izzmothar do big good. Impress. Find way to write paper and no burn paper. See? Impress. Izzmothar called fire scamp, do much burning but is good thing. Deadlands also do much burning. Izzmothar add to burning. Izzmothar contribute.

Izzmothar do bigger good. Only fire scamp in command. Rule setter. Find shalks and atronachs with no brain and give rules. Spike-head Dremora say "is for Mehrunes Dagon's honor." Izzmothar know. Izzmothar hear much.

Izzmothar know mortal say no good thing. Say Mehrunes Dagon no power. Say spike-head Dremora no power. Say Izzmothar no power. Izzmothar lead atronach. Izzmothar much power.

Izzmothar want show mortal. Izzmothar go to Nirn and take atronach and shalk with him. Izzmothar want ride on fire atronach. They tall. Izzmothar want be tall too.

Spike-head Dremora say "Izzmothar, kill. Show mortal Mehrunes Dagon power." Izzmothar laugh. Izzmothar been showing. No need be told.

Izzmothar say, "smash". Fire atronach smash. Izzmothar say "kill." Fire shalk kill. Izzmothar do big very good. Izzmothar say "burn." Fire all over. House burn. Mortal scream. Mortals scream and burn. Much destruction. Much death and pain. Silly thing, mortal pain.

Izzmothar not happy. Want do more. Find sharp rock no melt in fire. Izzmothar pick up rock. Izzmothar find burning mortal scream-husk. Mortal scream husk ask Izzmothar "mercy." Izzmothar no know "mercy." Izzmothar make rock cut out mortal mouth muscle. Mortal say no more big word. Izzmothar throw mortal mouth muscle to shalk, watch shalk burn. Mortal scream, but Izzmothar no forget. Izzmothar put fire hand on mortal face, watch mortal turn to husk.

Izzmothar stay with mortal. Watch houses burn. Wait for smell like Deadlands. Then Izzmothar find paper. Izzmothar record. Izzmothar power. Mehrunes Dagon power.

Mortals no power.