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Find a pirate captain's buried treasure.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Quest Giver: Chest by a shipwreck near Saintsport
Location(s): Stros M'Kai
Reward: Izad's Treasure
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
The directions to the treasure are found buried at the bow of the ship
I dug up a chest by the shipwreck near Saintsport. It contained a shovel and directions written by a Captain Izad. It supposedly contains clues to a treasure buried on Stros M'Kai.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Examine the buried chest.
  2. Find lighthouse.
  3. Look for tall statue and head there.
  4. Follow it to wayshrine.
  5. Find the warrior statue.
  6. Find island of iron faces.
  7. Find the broken ship.
  8. Find the stone ship.
  9. Dig up treasure.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Treasure Hunting[edit]

The quest start location is a chest near a shipwreck just southwest of Saintsport on an island.

Here are the steps to claim the treasure:

  • Open the chest to find a letter and shovel.
  • Read the letter. The letter becomes Captain Izad's Letter in your inventory. It should be read too, for Eidetic Memory purposes.
  • The first clue is a lighthouse, so head northeast through Saintsport and you'll see the lighthouse just north of the Saintsport docks. Go inside and head up to the top.
  • Look northeast towards the ship, then look to the left of the ship to see a tall statue. That's the Eternal Sentinel.
  • Go back down and run north towards the Sentinel.
  • When you reach the sentinel, follow the left wall around until you find the Port Hunding wayshrine.
  • Go up to it and then head northwest until you see a small statue. That statue is the Warrior.
  • Head directly south until you come to a rock.
  • Head southeast past the palm trees and start swimming until you come to an island.
  • Run to the other end and jump over the rocks back into the water and keep going southeast until you reach the next island.
  • Stand in the center of this island and look southwest. The pillar is the rocky finger.
  • Head southwest until you come across a bunch of Sea Drakes. The broken ship is just a little ahead.
  • Pass through the wreckage and head southwest until you find rocks with wooden beams sticking out of them.
  • Swim through the water to the right of the rocks until you get to the very back where you will find some disturbed soil.
  • Dig up the soil to reveal a chest.
  • Open the chest to complete the quest and get your reward.


Quest Stages[edit]

Izad's Treasure
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should read the letter from the buried chest.
Objective: Read the Sealed Letter
I need to find Saintsport's "star" to begin the trail of clues left by Captain Izad.
Objective: Find the Start of the Trail
Objective Hint: Stand Atop Saintsport's Star
I need to go around the "eternal sentinel's gate" that's visible from the Saintsport lighthouse until I reach a shrine and then go northwest to find the "warrior" landmark.
Objective: Find the Warrior
Objective Hint: NW of the Shrine Past the Eternal Sentinel's Gate
I need to walk 45 paces south from the warrior statue west of Port Hunding.
Objective: Walk 45 Paces South from the Statue
I need to find the "island of iron faces." The clues suggest that the landmark is visible from trees southeast of a point 45 paces south of the warrior statue west of Port Hunding.
Objective: Find the Island of Iron Faces
Objective Hint: The Leftward Palms Frame the Sight
I need to find the "stone ship" by going the direction indicated by the "rocky finger," which should lead "through the broken ship."
Objective: Find the Stone Ship
Objective Hint: Follow the Rocky Finger Through the Broken Ship
Now that I've found the stone "ship" formation west of Saintsport, I need to dig "beneath the leaves in the ship's port" to unearth the buried treasure.
Objective: Dig Beneath the Leaves in the Ship's Port
Hidden Objective: Dig Up the Buried Treasure
☑Finishes quest I dug up the treasure chest. It's time to open it and see what's inside.
Objective: Open the Buried Treasure
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