Location Stros M'Kai
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Dugroth as a blacksmith

Dugroth is an Orc who is found northwest of the Port Hunding Wayshrine on Stros M'Kai. When you speak to him, he will sigh, "Mother said this would happen. I can't do anything right." and he will explain that he does not like fighting, which gives you the opportunity to help him defeat a serpent to prove himself.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Northwest of the wayshrine you'll find a distraught Orc and the base of the statue there:

Dugroth: "What am I going to do? Mother's going to kill me."

If you speak to him, he'll explain his delima:

"Mother said this would happen. I can't do anything right."
What's the matter?
"Mother sent me here to kill some big monster. But I don't think I can do it."
Why not?
"Well, I hate violence. And I'm kinda forgetful. All I really want to do is make weapons, not hit things with them. But I promised Mother I'd try. Will you help me? I seem to have misplaced my sword."
Sure. Where'd you last see it?
<Dugroth runs off to the west>
Dugroth: "I had an awful battle with some monsters over this way."

Catch up with him and he'll crouch behind some rocks:

Dugroth: "Go on without me. I … uh … have to do something over here."
"Can you get the sword for me? I'll prepare the stinking flesh needed to lure out the beast. It's Mother's special recipe."

Retrieve his sword and he'll remark:

"Just seeing my father's old sword fills me with courage! I can do this, I think!"
What are you doing over here?
"I was, uh, preparing the bait. The beast won't come out of the water without this. At least that's what Mother said."
Well, here's your sword. What's next?
"Now we lure out the monster and kill it. Easy, right? I sure hope this proves my courage to Mother."
I'm ready.
<Dugroth runs off>
Dugroth: "Well, here we go. Please stay close!"
Dugroth: "Careful now! Those mudcrabs are tough!"

Once you reach the shore:

Dugroth: "There it is! Good luck!"

Defeat Deathfang and you'll find Dugroth's sword left behind again. Pick it up and you'll find him a ways off hiding behind another rock:

"Did you see how big that thing was? And those teeth!"
Glad you made it out.
"You found my sword! Thank you. I want to be a warrior and make Mother proud, but I also love smithing.
What do you think? Should I become a warrior? Or a smith?"
You're not cut out for warfare. Follow your passion and make weapons.
"You said it. I'm not fighting anymore. I'll make weapons for others. Mother will just have to get used to it. Thanks for everything!"
Your mother is right. Keep at this and you'll make a great fighter.

He'll then take off towards town:

Dugroth: "Well, I'm done here. Come see me in Port Hunding!"


After the quest, if you told him to live his dream of making weapons, you can find Dugroth working as a blacksmith at Weapons Of All Varieties in Port Hunding's Open Marketplace:

"Thanks to you, I'm pursuing my love of weapon-making. I'm finally happy and Mother's stopped nagging me to fight."