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Help a timid Orc prove himself.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Quest Giver: Dugroth
Location(s): Northwest of Port Hunding Wayshrine
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Deathfang emerges from the water
Dugroth was sent by his mother to prove his courage. He'd like me to help him.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Dugroth.
  2. Help Dugroth find his sword.
  3. Talk to Dugroth.
  4. Kill Deathfang.
  5. Talk to Dugroth.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Dugroth can be found northwest of Port Hunding's wayshrine. When you speak to him, he says, "Mother said this would happen. I can't do anything right.", and he will explain that he does not like fighting, but that his mother's been nagging him about it, and so he intends to fight a giant snake named Deathfang. There's one problem, though: he'd lost his sword during an earlier attempt.

The sword can be found not far from his present location, on the shore to the west. Retrieve the sword for him, and then he will use bait to summon Deathfang. As soon as Deathfang emerges from the water, however, Dugroth's courage will desert him, and he will flee, leaving you to defeat the beast on your own.

Dugroth can be found again a short way away from the beach. He'll ask you whether you think he should continue learning to fight, or whether he should take up the more peaceful life of blacksmithing. If you advise him to take up blacksmithing, he will be found in Port Hunding near Falbert's Forge after the quest is over, and he'll say, "Thanks to you, I'm pursuing my love of weapon-making. I'm finally happy and Mother's stopped nagging me to fight."

Quest StagesEdit

Moment of Truth
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Help Dugroth Find his Sword
Objective: Recover Dugroth's Sword
Objective: Talk to Dugroth
Objective: Kill Deathfang with Dugroth
Objective: Kill Deathfang without Dugroth
Objective: Died
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