Elder Scrolls Online: People
Location Moongrave Fane, Fane of Waning Moons
Race Pahmar-raht Gender Male
Health Normal1473488Veteran3321181 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Hollowfang Clan
Condition Vampire

Dro'zakar is a Pahmar-raht vampire from the Hollowfang Clan that serves as the second boss of Moongrave Fane.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Blood Drain
Targeted ability that leeches health from one player
Sangiin Shield
After every Helot consumption phase, he gains a damage shield similar to Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten, where he deals continuous damage to the group as he shields himself. The group must dps his shield down as the healer keeps everyone alive.
Consume Hemo Helot
When Dro'zakar begins to feed on a hemo helot, one group member must destroy the hemo helot to stop him from becoming empowered. This can be done easily with a heavy attack. If he manages to consume a hemo helot, Dro'zakar will deal massive damage to the group.
Red Breath
Dro'zakar sprays a toxic attack at the area in front of him


Idling before combat:

Dro'zakar: "You are not the skulking rat, but you are my prey all the same."

When engaged in combat:

Dro'zakar: "Dro'zakar will taste your blood before the Dragon's. He is always hungry."

While attacking:

Dro'zakar: "Show the Clan Mother your worth!"
Dro'zakar: "Feel your pulse quicken ... and stop!"
Dro'zakar: "Can you feel your blood betraying you?"

Sangiin Shield:

Dro'zakar: "Do you hear the Doom Drum growing louder in your ears?"
Dro'zakar: "Your heart will beat to bursting!"

Transforming into a blood pool:

Dro'zakar: "I'll seep into your veins."
Dro'zakar: "Am I too slippery?"
Dro'zakar: "You can't corner me."
Dro'zakar: "Try not to slip."

When summoning enemy NPCs:

Dro'zakar: "Hah. I am not a solitary hunter."
Dro'zakar: "Take a bite of my prey, blood-kin!"
Dro'zakar: "Herd them like the cattle they are!"
Dro'zakar: "Hollowfangs! Feast on these fools!"

When a player or NPC bleeds to create a hemo helot:

Dro'zakar: "Hah! Swine that bleed themselves! You're only fit for slaughter!"
Dro'zakar: "Your sacrifice is in vain."
Dro'zakar: "I accept your offering, but you'll still die."
Dro'zakar: "Keep your blood in your veins. I prefer to drink from your throats!"

When feeding on a hemo helot:

Dro'zakar: "I'll be taking this."
Dro'zakar: "Your blood has no power over me."
Dro'zakar: "Blood is too precious for you to waste."

After successfully consuming a helot:

Dro'zakar: "I'll drown you in blood."
Dro'zakar: "You forgot something."

Group wipe:

Dro'zakar: "And here I was just toying with you."
Dro'zakar: "I am embarrassed for you."
Dro'zakar: "Feh. You taste of vermin."
Dro'zakar: "The deer make better prey."
Dro'zakar: "I'll leave your sluggish blood for the rats."
Dro'zakar: "Dro'zakar is thirsty. Kind of you to offer your throats."

Upon defeat:

Dro'zakar: "(?)"
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