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Online:Dranoth Hleran

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Dranoth Hleran
Location Hleran Ancestral Tomb
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Dranoth Hleran

Dranoth Hleran is the spirit of an Ashlander Dunmer who can be found within the Hleran Ancestral Tomb near Ald'ruhn.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Enter the tomb and the spirit will stop you:

Dranoth Hleran: "Halt, outsider. You bear our crest, but your blood runs dry as ash. You are no Hleran."
Dranoth Hleran: "If you come as a friend, prove your intent. Pay homage or join us in death."

Pray at the first shrine:

Dranoth Hleran: "We were nomads once. It was Saint Veloth's doing. He taught our hearts to wander. In those days, the First Ashkhans called me brother."

Second shrine:

Dranoth Hleran: "We gave our hearts to the ash … to the mountains. We linked arms with the other tribes and hunted the great Skar. With my spear, I struck the final blow. All of Veloth's children embraced in triumph. Then everything changed."


Dranoth Hleran: "After Skar fell, my people cried out for the quiet life with crops and strong houses. We silenced our Velothi hearts and settled beside the fire river. Skar provided with chitin and meat. We thrived."
Dranoth Hleran: "There was peace, for a time. Then bloodshed."


Dranoth Hleran: "The First Ashkhans grew old and died. New Ashkhans took their place, with souls dark as pitch. They painted their faces and slaughtered us. With our home and history lost, the last of the Hlerans left the Wastes in silence."
Dranoth Hleran: "You've paid your respects and listened, even as my family tries to kill you. Your heart is pure. Come, find me in my tomb. I will speak with you there."

Find his spirit in his burial chamber and he'll speak to you:

"I sometimes forget the courage and vigor of the flesh. The years harden us—make us cold and suspicious. On behalf of my family, I beg your forgiveness.
What brings you to our forsaken tomb? Yours is the only living heart that knows our sad tale."
You're not forgotten. Your descendent, Drelyth Hleran, sent me.
"Truly? The Hleran name survives? Then there is hope for our house after all.
You must take my spear and deliver it to this Drelyth. As long as a member of my house carries that spear, the strength of the Hleran lives on."
I'll deliver the spear and your story. Do you want me to tell him anything else?
"Yes. Tell him that Ald'ruhn was, is, and forever shall be our home. So long as my house lives in exile, the spirits that haunt this tomb shall never know peace.
Drelyth must claim his share of this land."
The Ashlanders control Ald'ruhn. How should he stake his claim?
"The children of ash may have forgotten our name, but they will not have forgotten that spear—the weapon that slew the great Emperor Crab. Their Wise Women and Farseers will know its power.
If he brandishes the spear, they will listen."

He can be spoken to again afterwards, commenting:

"I am entrusting you with my family's most sacred relic. I pray that my faith in you is not misplaced.
Give it to my descendant. Let the spear grant him the strength he needs to restore our house's honor."

Pick up Calderas, Spear of House Hleran and his spirit will fade away.