Online:Chezan the Overcautious

Elder Scrolls Online: People / Vendors
Chezan the Overcautious
Home City Sentinel
Location Sentinel Outlaws Refuge
Store Discreet Services & Sales
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Fence
Chezan the Overcautious

Chezan the Overcautious is a Khajiit fence who can be found at the Outlaws Refuge in Sentinel.


He seems mildly paranoid.

"Don't tell me where the goods came from. This one doesn't need to know!"
"Discreetly, discreetly. You can never have too little attention."

If you've reached your limit for both selling and laundering, he will instead say:

"Not right now. The Guard is on to me!"