Elder Scrolls Online: People
This character only appeared during the Bounties of Blackwood event.
Home City Leyawiin
Location Next to the Event Exchange
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Chanil-Jei is an Argonian who appears during the Bounties of Blackwood event. He is located next to the Event Exchange outside Leyawiin, close to the riverbank.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

When spoken to before taking the quest, Chanil-Jei will say:

"Hmm? Ah yes, it is you. I was expecting you. You are perfect for this task, for I sense you already have many stories in your soul. But you desire more. You have followed the river to me, haven't you? Where the water that carries such stories flows."
The water?
"Yes. You must listen to the muttering of the rivers, the stillness of the ponds … each of them carry a thousand stories. I wish to hear them all.
You are someone who can help me with that, I have no doubt."
What do you want me to do?
"I simply wish to wade in the rivers that you will change.
Venture through Blackwood. Triumph in a great hunt, see a place that was once forgotten, answer the call of petitioners! Report back once you have made the ripples, and I will reward you."

You can talk to him once the quest has been accepted in order to learn a little more:

"The waters that carry stories can be deceptively turbulent. It is a time of great change. Be careful that you are not swept into the current. It would be a shame to have your tales swallowed up. Then I would not get to hear them."
Tell me more about these things you want me to do.
"You must complete a series of tasks in order to fully change the course of the river.
Slay a fearsome enemy, find a striking locale, and speak with a city job broker. The order does not matter, all I care about is the completion."
Why are you so interested in other people's stories? What do you have to gain?
"I merely want to hear all that I can. The world is too large for me to explore it all. I could spend a thousand lifetimes trying and still not learn all that it has to offer. So I seek those who change the water, who venture deeper than I ever will."
Why choose me?
"I knew it as soon as you approached. You are someone who will tell great stories.
You crave new experiences, and there is no doubt you will benefit from them. You will step into the river to change its course, like an errant stone."
Are you working with the Impresario?
"No, I have followed her expedition for a time. She has not expressly forbade me from doing so, but she has not encouraged me either.
But I enjoy seeing the places she visits and hearing the stories people tell as they pass in and out of her tent."
Whose grave stake is that?
"It is mine.
Though I will return to the Hist upon my death, I want all the stories I have collected in this life to have their place … to be remembered. I carry this with me to add to it as I travel."

Once you complete your objective and return, he will say:

"The waters have returned you to me. Tell me, did you witness all there is to witness? Have you been changed by your sojourn?
What stories have you fed to the rivers?"
I did as you asked.
"Wonderful. You altered the current irrevocably and your stories are woven into the stream. You see? You are changed. And I am changed for having met you. Stagnant waters go nowhere, after all.
Please, take this. Thank you for indulging me."

After completing the quest, he will say:

"Words flow and ebb. I wish I had a thousand buckets. Perhaps then I could collect all the stories up, put them in jars.
No. Water must flow. It must be ever changing. One cannot contain such things. It changes their very nature, does it not?"
What will you do now?
"I will remain here for a time. There are many who pass through these parts. Perhaps others will be as generous as you were with their stories.
The waters will continue to change. I wish to drench myself."