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Online:Canonreeve Elquisa

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Canonreeve Elquisa
Home Settlement Shimmerene
Location Kinlady Avinisse's Mansion
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Canonreeve Elquisa

Canonreeve Elquisa is a High Elf guest at her cousin Kinlady Avinisse's garden party being held at her mansion. She can be found sitting on a bench eating an apple.

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Her greeting differs depending on your race. She seems rather cheerful.

If you're not an Altmer:
If you're an Altmer:
"A newcomer, here in the Kinlady's garden? And during her latest rant on the dangers of the Queen's decree? Oh that's just grand!
I really can't wait to see her expression when she finally notices your presence."
"One thing you can say about Kinlady Avinisse-she knows how to cater an affair. Have you tried the golden pear punch? It's absolutely ambrosial!
As one Altmer to another, I can put up with her foibles as long as the drinks continue to flow."
You seem to be taking the business of the Queen's decree rather lightly.
"Am I? Some probably see it that way. What do I care? I'm the canonreeve of Shimmerene! Kinlady Avinisse may outrank me, but I'm the one who keeps the city's bureaucracy functioning smoothly. It's what I do.
What were we talking bout again?"
Do you know what the Kinlady plans to do about the Queen's decree?
"Complain, most likely. My cousin excels at that! I assume she may have something else worked out with the new Aldarch, but he has yet to bring me into her confidence on the matter.
Frankly, I assumed that's why we were here."
What's a canonreeve?
"I'm a canonreeve, my dear. I thought we established that.
It's an official title, given to diplomats and bureaucrats who administer to county seats. A gift from my cousin Avinisse, I suppose. In your land, I'd probably be called the mayor."