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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png Recover a book from an abandoned villa before it is burned to the ground.
Zone: Gold Coast
Objective: Dungeon: Black Drake Villa
Quest Giver: Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Location(s): Black Drake Villa
Reward: Unidentified Black Drake Armaments
(?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6576
Dungeon Group Size: 4
I found the Black Drake Villa, an old retreat for the Longhouse Emperors. The young adventurer Eveli Sharp-Arrow enlisted my help in searching for an important book hidden away inside.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

Burning Secrets
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Eveli asked me to scout ahead in the villa for any trouble. I should enter through the sewer grate and explore the grounds.
Objective: Explore Black Drake Villa
In my search through Black Drake Villa I discovered an enormous Minotaur blocking the path. I need to kill Kinras Ironeye to contiunue forward.
Objective: Kill Kinras Ironeye
I killed Kinras Ironeye. I should meet up with Eveli and find the entrance to hidden library.
Objective: Find the Library Entrance
I entered the Grand Archive. I should explore it with Eveli to find the book she seeks.
Objective: Explore the Grand Archive
The arsonist responsible for destroying the Grand Archive seeks the same book as Eveli. To continue my pursuit, I must eliminate Captain Geminus.
Objective: Kill Captain Geminus
Eveli chased after Pyroturge Encratis to reach the book's location before he does. I should go after them.
Objective: Pursue Pyroturge Encratis
I found Pyroturge Encratis. I should kill him before he can remove the book that Eveli pursues.
Objective: Kill Pyroturge Encratis
With Pyroturge Encratis's death, Eveli has the book she came here to collect. I should speak to her.
I should talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow about what she's doing at Black Drake Villa.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
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