Online:Blackmarrow Revivifier

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Blackmarrow Revivifier
Location Fang Lair
Race Nord, Breton , Imperial Gender Varies
Health Normal58940Veteran355432
Reaction Hostile Class Fear Mage
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult
Blackmarrow Revivifier

Blackmarrow Revivifiers are members of the Blackmarrow Cult found in Fang Lair.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fright Force
A basic ranged attack that does moderate magical damage.
Shadow Cloak
If the target is in close proximity to the Revifier, they will turn themselves invisible and move to a better location and set the player off balance.
The Revifier channels an uninterruptible spell that will enrage itself and all its allies around itself causing them to do double damage (the enemies will glow red when enraged.) Because of this ability they should be considered high priority targets.


They can occasionally be heard making conversation with fellow cult members.

Blackmarrow Revivifier: "All right, whose experiment nearly killed me last night? Fess up."
Blackmarrow Dissector: "What are you talking about?"
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "Those twisted toadstools—started popping up to vomit their spores everywhere. I was coughing up blood all night!"
Blackmarrow Dissector: "Lizabet said to seed them around— to deter intruders."
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "A little warning might have been nice."
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "What is this contraption? It doesn't look Dwemer."
Blackmarrow Harvester: "I think the Akaviri Potentates invented it during the Reman purges."
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "What's it do?"
Blackmarrow Harvester: "It cuts off heads."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "I've never seen this design before, What's its purpose?"
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "Remains this old are often bereft of their original essence. This ceremony increases viability."
Blackmarrow Deathmonger: "That explains the difficulty I've been having."

In the next room after the one Lizabet Charnis is:

Blackmarrow Ambusher: "It's just a handful of intruders. The master doesn't seem concerned, so why are you?"
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "Of course the master isn't concerned, but if they killed Lizabet I certainly am."
any more dialogue?
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "They aren't ready. Not yet. We'll have to make do with what we have."

Heard when engaged in combat:

Blackmarrow Revivifier: "You'll make a lovely corpse!"
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "You get to die! Exciting!"
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "I wonder what we'll make from you."
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "Oh, they hate it when you breathe."
Blackmarrow Revivifier: "I hope the master lets me keep one of you."