Online:Blackheart Strongarm

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Blackheart Strongarm
Location Blackheart Haven
Race Nord Gender Varies
Health Normal54028Veteran150375
Reaction Hostile Class Tank
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackheart Haven Pirates
Condition Skeleton
Blackheart Strongarm

Blackheart Strongarms are Nord tanks associated with the Pirates who can be found in Blackheart Haven.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Once Atarus is dead and Atarus's Skull is retrieved, Shifty Tom will ask for the skull and the following happens:

Shifty Tom: "Now, let me see that thing."
Shifty Tom: "Here we go."

He places the skull on ground.

Shifty Tom: "Finally, this nightmare will come to an end."

A group of Blackheart pirates will come out into the cavern.

Blackheart Strongarm: "Are you insane, Shifty? You'll kill us all!"
Shifty Tom: "That's the point, friend! This is no way for a man to live."

Shifty destroys the skull, and the pirates turn into skeletons. Every pirate except Shifty then attacks you.