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Online:Ayleid Well (Blackwood)

Elder Scrolls Online: Places: Blackwood / Elven Ruins / Ayleid Wells
Elven Ruin:
Ayleid Wells
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Ayleid Well
Discoverable Yes
Completion Activate the well
Across Blackwood
Well southwest of Gideon

These Ayleid Wells are a set of five Ayleid ruins in Blackwood.

The Ayleid Well northeast of Toad-Tongue War Camp

They function identically to all other Ayleid Wells: players can activate the well to receive the Ayleid Health Bonus buff, causing the well to become inactive for a short cooldown period.

The only difference between these five wells and regular Ayleid Wells is that these possess map markers.


The five locations are identified in the related achievement description:


There is one achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Enticed by Magic.png Enticed by Magic 10 Draw power from the Ayleid Wells of Blackwood.