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Atrius Axilla
Location Southwest of Rawl'kha
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Atrius Axilla

Atrius Axilla is an Imperial traveling merchant who was attacked by a group of werewolves while on his way out of Rawl'kha.

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A Night to ForgetEdit

Khuzi will tell you she sold Rollin's necklace to Atrius and that he already left Rawl'kha headed for Hadran's Caravan. You'll find him on the side of the road with an injured leg.

"Curse every werewolf breathing! This is the last straw, I'm retiring."
What happened here?
"Werewolves happened, traveler. Flea-ridden beasts came out of nowhere. Destroyed my cart, killed my men, and ran off with my goods. I'm only alive because I played dead."
What did they take?
"Everything! After the attack some of them turned back into Wood Elves and went searching through my pack. Said they were looking for a totemic necklace. That damned claw bauble that Khuzi sold me! Stupid cat! Never trust a smiling Khajiit."
Are you going to be all right?
"I'll be fine. They got my leg here, but Rawl'kha isn't that far. I'll make it back on my own. This is it, though. I've survived my last caravan assault. I'm going to sell my stores and buy a nice quiet inn somewhere. I'm done!"
Did you hear them say where they were going?
"Yes. Weeping Wind Cave. It's east of Willowgrove. Sounds like they have a whole little werewolf pack there ... freaks. Stab them, traveler, or burn them or whatever you do. Show them you can't cross Atrius Axilla and live!"

If you talk to him again, he says,

"Shove something silver and pointy into their furry behinds, traveler. Make sure they know Atrius Axilla sent you!"