Online:Arlowe Viducia

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Arlowe Viducia
Home City Sentinel
Location Sentinel Bazaar
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Arlowe Viducia

Arlowe Viducia is an Imperial merchant found in Sentinel's Bazaar during a seemingly simple task to acquire a Copper-Tongued Skink for Cyrodilic Collections from him.

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Quest-Related DialogueEdit

"Ugh! Now where did that little bugger run off too...?
Yes? Can I help you?"
Jee-Lar sent me to pick up a copper-tongued skink.
"Right, the poison-sniffer. Ugh... great.
Look, I'd love to help, but the only one I had in stock just ran out on me. Slippery little rascal!"
Maybe I can help you find it.
"Would you? Thanks, friend.
Skinks are always hungry. Not many poisonous plants around here, so it should be easy to lure him out. You'll need bait, of course. Assassin beetle or giant scorpion venom sacs would do the trick. Skinks love venom!"
Fair enough. Once I collect these venom sacs, what do I do with them?
"Here, I'll mark a likely nesting spot on your map. Drop the venom sacs there, and it won't take long for the skink to show up. Guaranteed.
Good luck out there!
How did the lizard escape?
"He went looking for food. As usual. I feed him chokeberries by the bucket-full, but there's just no bottom! With how much I'm spending on fruit, I'll be lucky to break even on this deal.
If you do manage to catch him, be sure to keep a firm grip!"

When spoken to again he'll say:

"Shouldn't take long to find a venom sac here in Alik'r. The beetles and scorpions out here... let's just say they're hard to miss."

If you return to him after, catching the lizard, he will say:

"Got the skink, eh? Well done!
You should deliver him to Jee-Lar quick as you can. Don't want him running off again, right?"