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Online:An Elegantly Penned Letter

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Book Information
An Elegantly Penned Letter
ID 1297
Collection Hearts and Flowers
Found in the following locations:
An Elegantly Penned Letter
A farewell to a lover

Dearest Jibril,

I'm leaving the island. Please don't try to follow me. I will always think fondly of our time together, but we travel different paths.

King Fahara'jad has called for loyal sons and daughters of Alik'r. The Daggerfall Covenant offers a chance to spread beyond the desert, to truly influence world affairs. If he will have me, I will sail with his navy. That is the life I have always dreamed.

You see now why I write you. If you truly care for me, retire from this life. Find an honest occupation. Think of me fondly, but do not pine for what we had.

I will always care for you, Jibril. But if our navy comes upon your ship preying on Covenant vessels, if my captain asks me to put her crew to the sword, I will not hesitate. I will put a sword through you. Honor demands no less.

May you come safely to your journey's end.