Online: People
Location Southwest of Piukanda
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Akovor is a Nord who can be found with his dog Lehrjson by his house in Cyrodiil just southwest of Piukanda.


"Are you with those loggers? Damn Admands. I never should have trusted them. Now they're chopping down all my trees."
Your trees?
"Yes, this is my land, all around here. And it's my trees those damned loggers are chopping down. I moved here for the peace and quiet and now I have chop, chop, chop, crash! all day long."
Why not kick them out?
"Oh, I'd like to. But I signed a contract with them. Plus, every time I decide to boot them off my land, I think of those sharp, sharp axes they have. Then I decide to stay here, on my porch, and scowl menacingly at them."