Online:Adifa Dunestrider

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Adifa Dunestrider
Location Qharroa Ruins
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Adifa Dunestrider

Adifa Dunestrider is a Redguard found out the outskirts of the Qharroa Ruins, along the road. She was hired by Lady Laurent as a guide but quit after something happened to the other assistant.

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"That lunatic woman...Sep himself wouldn't step in her shadow!
I'd stay off this path, lest she demand some humiliating task from you."
Who are you talking about?
"A madwoman named Lady Laurent. She hired me in the Alik'r to guide her through the desert, but this is as far as I go for her.
She's already lost one of her traveling companions. I won't be the victim of her next "accident.""
I'd better go see for myself.
"Ask her! I didn't stick around to hear her explanations.
Though "excuses" would be a better word. Everything is somebody else's fault. Hmph!"