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Adept Pinumar
Home Settlement Riverhold
Location West of the Temple of the Purifying Moons
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Priest
Adept Pinumar

Adept Pinumar is a Khajiit priest who can be found west of the Temple of the Purifying Moons, practicing sword drills. He formerly lived at the Star Haven Adeptorium before a recent Dragon attack destroyed it.


"Pinumar once lived in Star Haven, a beautiful adeptorium with many wonderful adepts. But a Dragon came and attacked our home, leaving much to rebuild and no comfort to be found."
Why have you come to Riverhold?
"There was nothing left for this one in Star Haven. His quarters were destroyed, along with all of his possessions. Pinumar has nothing to his name but his faith.
Still, he could have stayed to help rebuild. That is true."
Why didn't you help rebuild?
"Too many sad memories. This one could not bear to stay, not after so much of his home was destroyed and so many of his friends were lost.
Still, he will do what he can to help those in Riverhold."